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The Democratic Republic of Congo hit 61 earthquakes a day after the volcano erupted.

The details are stated in a daily report prepared for the government by the Goma Volcanic Observatory (GVO) and released by CNN as the crater. “It continues to collapse, contributing to earthquakes and causing visible ash emissions from Goma.”

The 11,500-foot-high volcano is about 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Goma, with an official population of 670,000, although many NGOs are estimated to be closer to 1 million.

Provincial government spokesman It said on Friday some 400,000 people had fled the city as officials warned of a second eruption. The first explosion on Saturday killed at least 31 people.

Since then, the area has experienced numerous earthquakes and shakes, some felt as far as Rwanda̵

7;s capital Kigali, more than 100km from the volcano in Virunga National Park.

The report warned that the lava flowed. “May cause suffocation, severe burns or death”

Four possible scenarios were determined.The best case is that the earthquake stopped and no second eruption occurred.

But also warned that as magma continued to move through the crevice toward Lake Kivu, there was a possibility of limestone eruptions, where eruptions beneath the lake could cause debris to float and release toxic gas. That is probably the worst situation.

“If lava erupts in the Kivu River, keep some distance because the explosion could create dangerous missiles,” the report said.

Volcanic eruptions, landslides, or massive earthquakes can destabilize the lake’s deep waters and release dissolved gas.

Emissions are likely to occur more frequently in the coming months due to an increase in underground magma volumes.

The report said the rift could release deadly concentrations of gas, urging people to stay away and care for children in low-lying areas.

The report added that people should be careful when using drinking water and washing vegetables, as volcanic ash may have contaminated vats.

Larry Madowo reports from Goma, Martin Goillandeau, Sarah Dean and Angela Dewan reporting from London.

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