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NBA scheduler didn’t. Detroit Encourage any favors by letting them play. Milwaukee Three Bucks in the first 11 games

They finally closed their three games against the Bucks competing on Wednesday as well as the first two. They grew enormously – by 23 points in the middle of the second quarter. They close the gap And they lost in the 110-101 final count at Little Caesars Arena.

Extended break: Pistons vs.Wizards on Friday the LCA was postponed due to the COVID protocol.

In the wake of: The pistons received a ‘spark’ from Frank Jackson along with the struck force.

RIP city: Richard Hamilton explains belief in Troy Weaver, the secret to Pistons’ success.

Jeremy Grant extended his game streak by at least 20 points to 10 and finished with 22 points, four rebounds, two steals and blocking Svi Mykhailiuk for the season’s top 18 points, and Blake Griffin had 12 points, seven rebounds. Nine and six assists Mason Plum Lee finished with seven points, 13 rebounds and five assists.

Giannis Antetokounmpo had three doubles – 22 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

Svi Mykhailiuk finds his rhythm and then some.

When Luke Kennard missed most of last season with Mykhailiuk bilateral knee ligament that stepped up to fill the gap as a wing shooter, he shot 40.4% from behind a 3-point arc; His marksman has been invited to the Rising Stars Challenge all-Star weekend.

Mykhailiuk enters the season with higher expectations. But he’s been in a long depression. As of Wednesday, he scored 33.8% overall and 29.5% from 3, both career lows. In the previous three games he was just 6-for-26 overall and 5-to-22 behind the arc.

Wednesday was the best scoring night of the year as he finished with 18 top-scoring points of the season (6-for-9 total, 2-for-4 in 3 seconds total) in 18 minutes off the bench.Mykhailiuk took a high percentage of shots from 3. But he caused most of the damage in the arc on Wednesday. Given that slump, it’s a nice sign to watch him drive to the curb and find other ways to score goals.

Saben Lee is back in circulation.

Derrick Rose missed his second game on Wednesday with a sore left knee when Killian Hayes came out with a ripped hip, giving Dwane Casey a chance to watch his players on a two-way deal, Frank Jackson and Saben Lee.

Of the two, Jackson was the first to leave the bench with the Bucks, but Lee ended up with a bigger role in the second game of his career. He shone on his speed and athleticism from the stealing of Dege Agustin, a change to the end of the third quarter and his poster-ditch effort with Brook Lopez in the fourth quarter.

[ Pistons’ Killian Hayes’ hip injury: Surgeon explains paths to recovery ]

Lee and Jackson gave Casey the same and different backcourt options at the same time. Casey sees Jackson as a careless person. But an injury forced him to hit him. Jackson is a better defender now. But also has more experience Lee also played a lot of guards in college, but at this point, he made an appearance in the Point Guard field as well. Until Rose returns, we’ll see more of the back and forth between Jackson and Lee.

No Sekou Doumbouya

After about five minutes of consecutive games, Sekou Doumbouya sat out for the first time this season, although the Pistons are behind at least 15 points behind the Bucks during the night.

Fans have high hopes for Doumbouya, the Pistons’ first-round pick for 2019, entering the season. He performed exceptionally well during the pre-season and Casey said they were looking for Doumbouya to take the leap forward this season.

Doumbouya had a lot of competition in front of him for several minutes.Grant and Griffin were startups, with Grant always moving forward when Griffin was on the bench, Saddiq Bey and Josh Jackson, both of whom were better than Doumbouya this season, played a few. minute

Griffin and Jackson have missed out on this season. But all four have been in good health over the past three games. It was part of why Doumbouya recorded 5:11 and 4:53 minutes in his past two games, Doumbouya had yet to surpass his warm-up momentum when he played with 33.3% overall shot.

It’s hard to see a growing role for Doumbouya right now without any injury.

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