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The director of F9 describes the film’s post-credits scene.

director Justin Lin explained the post-credits scene of Fast & Furious 9 and revealed that this was just the beginning of giving Han real justice.

Warning! spoiler for Fast & Furious 9 go ahead

Fast & Furious 9The post-credits scene is just the beginning of delivering true justice to Han. Director Justin Lin says filmmakers return to The soon Saga after many years, and this time he̵

7;s been around until the end. He will also be spearheading both of them. Fast & Furious 10 and 11 which will be filmed backwards

The main plot of F9 The story revolves around the return of Jakob Toretto, the estranged brother of Dom and Mia. Although Toretto’s younger brother has no problem, he is ready to deal with his resentment against Dom. which drove him years ago after learning he had something to do with the race accident that killed their father. The numbers also factor in the film as she undermines Jacob’s operations. But apart from this main story There was still a lot of excitement about Han’s return. which is considered dead for a while After the deck Shaw plans to die in a car accident in Tokyo.

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It has since been revealed that Elder Shaw was behind the collision that supposedly killed Han. Therefore, he was driven to take responsibility for what he did. an online process called “Justice for the Huns” finally got a positive development through F9A post-credits scene where opponents find themselves facing each other. In an interview with THRLin explained what sting meant going forward. Read what Lin said below:

It’s interesting because a lot of people think that when Han came back at 9, it was Justice for Han. I never felt that way. The problem with Justice for Han isn’t “Hey, he’s gone. We need him back.” Something isn’t right and we need to find a solution. For me, the most important element of this is how we treat this character, actually Justice. for Han is how we treat Han when he comes back and when we move forward. There’s so much to explore and unpack. And that’s just the moment I want to share with the audience — that there’s more to come.

The post-credits scene is short. In it, Han knocks on the Deckard’s door. Seeing the man he was supposed to kill a long time ago Shaw’s brother was clearly shocked. Han, on the other hand, didn’t seem interested in catching the killer how he survived the assassination attempt. This effectively confirms that Deckard takes the factor into account. Fast & Furious 10 Because it is difficult not to mention this meeting. because of the fans eager to learn more about it. As Kang said The likelihood of his character engaging with a deck of cards in a fight is very slim. So it’s more interesting than that.

Lin has shown his will to show full justice, which many fans still demanded for what happened to Han in The soon The philosopher. However, this particular plot isn’t the main narrative of the film at all, so, to be clear, it takes a few films to handle it properly. behind the scenes credit Fast & Furious 9 It’s a promising first step. because it sends a clear message that in the end This will be fixed.

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