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The Elder Scrolls 6: Confirmed Possible Settings

We still don’t know where. The Elder Scrolls 6 will be set upon release But we do know that we will not explore any one Tamriel region or at least one area of ​​Tamriel located at any given time. Elder Scrolls III, Bethesda is bringing the series to Morrowind, and this could happen in the future. But not when this region was called Dwemereth.

For those who don’t know: at one point Morrowind, known as Dwemereth, was the home of the Dwemer, one of the series’ ancient lost races and one of the series’ greatest mysteries. During their time, Dwemer was the most advanced of Tamriel, but in 1E 700 during the Battle of Red Mountain all races disappeared and no one knew how or why.

For years, players have been begging Bethesda to explore the Dwemer̵

7;s story, but so far Bethesda has only had players’ food scraps. And it doesn’t seem to have changed. The Elder Scrolls 6 or any future installments

Talk to Game Informer, Creative Director of Elder Scrolls onlineRich Lambert reveals that the team has been in the “Dwemer survey” before Elder Scrolls Chief Todd Howard came in and ended the whole thing, noting that Dwemer was something the series would never fully explore.

“We walked along the path and you know Todd. [Howard] Really put the letter of the law on this thing. But we ended up at one point where we explored the Dwemer stuff,” Lambert said. “Everyone wants to know about it and we want to know about it too. We’re digging into that. And Todd kindly reminds us that this is something we will never do. We are not going to come out and destroy the mysteries and secrets of the Dwemer, but we have explored it just to give us a good idea of ​​how this works.”

where did it go The Elder Scrolls 6? It might be set in Morrowind, but it won’t, at the time of Dwemer’s say, it probably won’t review Morrowind either. In fact, the current expectation is that the series is heading to Warhammer. Fell Red Guard’s house That said, right now it’s just speculation.

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