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“The election is over, Biden won.”

Cindy McCain thinks it is time for supporters of former President Donald Trump to come to terms with reality and overcome the loss of the candidate in November. She told CNN. State of the union“I know a lot of them don’t like the results. But do you know that elections have consequences? “

McCain clearly upset her with Trump and she publicly endorsed Joe Biden at the November race, saying it was the first time in her life that she voted for Democrats. She is now targeting the Republican movement in Arizona to examine the results of the 2020 election. “The whole thing is pretty ludicrous. It̵

7;s laughable, ”she said. Arizona Republicans have hired Cyber ​​Ninjas to monitor the 2020 vote in the Phoenix area. fraudulent Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs also criticized the check, saying it “looks like a joke” and is likely to end. Trump lost to Arizona and he is no longer the president, ”Hobbs said.

One person who didn’t hide his excitement in the investigation was Trump, who repeatedly referred to it in his written messages while attacking the Arizona Gov. Doug Dusey. For Trump, since the election Night, Politico said recently, the Washington Post reported the former president. “Fixed” in the review, “he talks about it all the time,” said one unnamed source. Trump was especially interested in using UV light to moderate ballot papers. “Watch Arizona, something interesting happened in Arizona,” Trump told guests of Mar-a-Lago in a video posted on Sochi. Social media

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