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The emergence of coronavirus strains is not enough to support strict mask recommendations Washington state officials said.

For now, strict masking requirements will not return to Washington state. Although more contagious coronavirus strains are spread among unvaccinated people. State health officials said Tuesday.

The World Health Organization recently urged even those who have been fully vaccinated to wear masks. because of the delta pattern which was first detected in India It has spread greatly in the United States and other countries. But that’s not a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Washington State.

“We are not changing the mask requirements because of concerns about the variable at this time,” state health ministry spokesman Ashley Gross said.

But Dr. Umir Shah, Minister of Public Health of the state has revised his covert order on Tuesday. The revised ordinance instructs people who are not fully vaccinated to continue wearing masks in public places. And even those who are fully vaccinated must wear masks in schools, nursing homes and in public transport.

“Wearing a mask outdoors is no longer necessary. But those who are not fully vaccinated should wear masks in crowded places such as sporting events. trade shows, parades and concerts,” Gross said. “Masks are no longer needed for outdoor sports training or competitions.”

Health officials in Los Angeles County recently changed their mask-wearing guidelines because the Delta variant recommends that everyone, whether vaccinated or not, wear a mask at home. Changes to such recommendations may occur in King County if necessary. Where Public Health ̵

1; Seattle and King County are examining the variables circulating in the county

“Go forward When we switch from government orders at the population level Each of us must understand and be comfortable with the level of risk we are willing to take as individuals and our families,” said Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer, Public Health – Seattle & King County.

Delta variants have been bent to dominate across most of the country. But in Washington, the gamma variant, which was first detected in Brazil, still the main threat

The gamma variant outpaced Delta and Alpha, which are currently responsible for the largest coronavirus infections. But health officials have no plans to issue stricter mask guidelines, although gamma and delta are more contagious than alpha. The first variable is detected in United Kingdom.

Delta represents a small number of variables found only in genotype generation, Gross said.

According to the latest DOH grading and variables report, instances of delta variables increased from 4.7% in the previous report to 9% of identified variants. Gamma accounted for 24% of variables, up from 13.9% in the previous report. this

last week Public Health Variable Tracking – Seattle and King County showed that alpha was the most widely spread, accounting for 62% of all variables of concern. This was followed by gamma at 12%. Delta registered nearly 4% of the variables respectively.

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