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The End of Pompeii: The Secretary of State is coming to an end when the reign is over | Mike Pompeo

The finale of Mike Pompeo’s reign at the State Department was as controversial and gruesome as the remainder of his 32-month tenure, but it was unclear what traces were left after his departure.

Pompeii’s final day was hit in a blizzard, tweeting congratulations at a rate of two dozen a day as he tried to write his first historic draft of his own.

The former Congressman of Kansas, clearly ambitious of his presidency in 2024, has repeatedly highlighted his claim of success, often referring to previous administration.

Some of the tweets are actually incorrect, such as blaming Barack Obama for the Ronald Reagan-signed arms control treaty.

Other claims are at odds, such as his insistence on the United States reviving Iran̵

7;s suppression, coupled with his accusations that Tehran is a greater threat than ever. On Tuesday he called Iran The purported “new Afghanistan” – without evidence – has become the center of al-Qaida operations.

While Iran’s economy has been successful in sanctions from sanctions, as Pompeo pointed out, its low-enriched uranium treasury was 12 times more than when Pompeo took over as US Secretary of State in 2018.

“If the real US economic threat to Tehran escalates, or at least fails to halt the policy’s intended to reverse activities, it is about making a bad impact,” said Naysan Rafati. Iran’s senior analysis at International Crisis Group

Likewise, Pompeo argues that Donald Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un led to a nuclear warhead test and a long-range missile test. But he made no mention that Kim had announced an end to that moratorium and is now slated to have a larger arsenal when he started meeting with Trump.

Pompeii’s portrait, depicting Trump, America is a stark contrast to recent events. Two days after Congress was under unprecedented violent attack by a mob hit by Trump, Pompeii tweeted, “Being the greatest in the world is not just an amazing economy. And strong military It’s about the value that we anticipate to the world. ”

He also boasted that his State Department team “did more than anyone else to form an alliance that maintains American interests” days before Swan’s trip to Europe had to be canceled because his partner did not want to meet him.

Luxembourg’s foreign minister signaled he would not be able to meet with America’s top diplomat and described Trump’s behavior as a “criminal” Belgian Foreign Secretary Sophie Wilmes, which Pompeo should have. The expedition made clear on Twitter that her government entrusted Joe Biden to restore US unity and stability.

“It is unprecedented that America’s secretary of state will not be welcome at any time, especially at the end of our tenure at the foreign ministry of our closest allies,” said Brett Bruen, author of the report. Obama’s director of global engagement in the White House said: “It shows just how bad he has made himself.”

In his victory lap, Pompeo, best known for being thin-skinned, narrowed down his media interviews to admire the conservative and unquestioned talk show host after his speech.

At the headquarters of state-sponsored Voice of America (VOA) station on Monday, he blamed journalists for not even enough patriotism. “Blaspheming America,” he told them. “It will be broadcast as the greatest country the world has ever known.”

When a VOA journalist Patsy Widakuswara tried to ask him a question after his address, he walked away without paying attention to her.Hours later, Widakuswara was stripped of his White House position for another role.

Michael Pack, a man equipped by Trump and Pompeo at the head of the US Agency for Global Media, which oversees VOA and other federally funded broadcasters, is trying to seize his position by making it harder for The incoming administration will fire him. The agency’s legal independence for his benefit But it is unclear whether the Pack will succeed by alienating both Democrats and Republicans in Congress with a purge of officials, journalism and manipulation.

“I don’t see the new management having a problem helping him find a solution,” Brun said.

There are other ways in which Pompeii tries to present a remarkable final in the US foreign policy wheel with the intention of making it difficult for the next administration to change its course.

Within the past 10 days, Pompeo has designated Houthi forces in Yemen and Cuba as a terrorist group and supporter of state terrorism, respectively, although neither side poses a direct threat to the United States.

The Houthi appointment, which aid agencies warned could cause widespread death in Yemen by delivering complex humanitarian aid without consulting lawmakers or their officials.

“You have to stop lying to lying to Congress,” one official told state department officials at a briefing reported by foreign policy and affirmed to the guard by a source familiar with the conversation.

“As with other similar briefings we’ve received from the administration, they send out these poor people to defend these absurd policies. But it can’t, ”a senior Democratic parliament official said.

While in the state department, Pompeo has spent most of its energy trying to nail into the coffin of the world powers nuclear deal made with Iran in 2015 and from Trump’s withdrawal in 2018.

That attempt was a failure. In response to US sanctions, Iran has stopped implementing some of the restrictions it agreed on its nuclear activities. But it has signaled that it is ready to negotiate a return to an agreement with the management.

The sanctions and terrorist assignments are aimed at giving the Biden’s team the political cost of trying to return to pre-Trump status, based on the assumption that it would be unpopular to reward opponents of America But still far from clear Whether it works

“What he does is create tough news for the next administration. But it can be managed, ”a senior Democrat official said, predicting the traps Pompeo set will be eliminated without spending too much political funding. Pompeii and Pompeii are made possible by management actions, so they can be reversed through executive action. ”

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