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The Epidemic Inspector General, DOJ notes, urged Congress to clarify the directive.

The watchdog, which has sought to oversee multi-trillions of dollars in coronavirus and other relief spending, has destroyed new Justice Department records while calling for Congress to clarify his regulatory powers.

Brian Miller, the Treasury Department’s Special Inspectorate for the Epidemic Rehabilitation, said on Friday the decision made by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) this week was “ the worst case scenario. ” “Permanent oversight” for specific relief programs undertaken during the coronavirus outbreak

Miller in Quarterly report Later, Congress warned that his efforts were limited after the OLC held him Jurisdiction of regulatory jurisdiction applies only to Treasury direct loans and Federal Reserve lending programs. But not the Coronavirus Relief Fund, the Payroll Support Program, and the Payment Protection Program.

The three programs, set up by a series of actions by Congress last year, provide support to airline, state, city and small business employees affected by shutdown orders and safety restrictions amid a number of actions taken by Congress last year. COVID-1

9 outbreak

Miller, in a report on Friday, said his office was “opposed” for months by the Treasury and Treasury Inspectorate over his oversight of the Coronavirus Relief Fund and payroll support programs.

Miller, who has been appointed by the past. President TrumpDonald Trump Washington has split with Turkey wider – but it’s up to Turkey to maintain a rift, tomorrow’s special election in Texas is Democrats’ best hope in 2021 Giuliani to Tucker Carlson: ‘no reason’ for more FBI attacksSaid his office was following up on fraud and “Double dip” in relief projects But starting in the final months of the Trump administration, a turf war between several inspectors generals has broken his oversight.

The watchdog update was first reported by The New York Times.Hill made contact with the White House and the Treasury Department for comment on the report.

“All special inspectors have common jurisdictions with their subordinates and must work with the Inspector General in order to accomplish their regulatory mission,” Miller wrote on Friday. This goes beyond fighting on the lawn. ”

Investigators of the epidemic’s recovery have called on Congress to enact legislation to clarify that his office. “Empowered to oversee the Coronavirus Relief Fund, payroll support programs, and other outbreak-related programs managed by the Finance Minister.”

Later in the report, Miller cited his testimony during a hearing last year before the Senate when he Promised to alert Congress to be thorough and true. ‘If we find things don’t work well in certain areas.’ ”

“A year later, SIGPR’s jurisdiction was narrowly viewed, not expanding, and my only conclusion was ‘things didn’t work well,'” he wrote on Friday.

The report also contains a letter dated Tuesday from Laurie Schaffer, deputy general counsel to the Treasury, argued that Miller was only responsible for overseeing the Treasury’s credit and direct investment in the Federal Reserve’s relief fund. Others will be monitored by other regulators.

“The Ministry of Finance is dedicated to preventing waste, fraud and abuse and we are committed to responding to and benefiting the SIGPR,” Schaffer wrote.

Daniel Koffsky, Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, wrote in a comment Thursday that his office had concluded that the language in the Cares Act last year limited the supervisory jurisdiction of the Special Inspectorate.

Hill has contacted the Justice Department for comment on Miller’s report.

The governance dispute arose when President Biden hoped to submit a trillions of additional relief proposals, including a $ 4 trillion work and infrastructure development program. The administration is also in charge of another $ 1.9 trillion corona relief fund approved in March.

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