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The family started a Spirit flight for a maskless toddler due to concerns about arrest, mother said.

special: A New Jersey couple was forced to disembark from a temporary Spirit Airlines flight that departed Orlando, Florida, as Atlantic City accused the budget carrier of lying when it said they. – Not their youngest children refusing to comply with federal mask orders.

Ari and Avital Eisenberg from Toms River, New Jersey, Flight 138 with their children – Rikki, 2, and 7-year-old Daniel, with special needs – after spending the Passover holiday in Florida. Avital was also seven months pregnant.

The pair told Fox News that a flight attendant fired them from the plane because Rikki failed to comply with the airline̵

7;s masking policy, which requires passengers aged 2 and over to wear Avital Eisenberg masks. She also explained that her son had frequent seizures and that gagging his mouth could provoke them and promised to do his best to make sure he kept them covered.

According to a video posted on social media, a flight attendant told the family to get off the plane due to “Do not follow”

“I told you that inaction – you have to go down, I don’t want to do this,” said the flight attendant, who was not the crew originally faced with the family.

“We’re wearing masks,” Avital Eisenberg said.

“She wasn’t wearing at all,” the flight crew said of a 2-year-old who was eating her mother’s yogurt in her mother’s lap. “The pilot wants you to go”

“She was only two years old,” said the mother.

After the argument, the flight attendant left and threatened to call the police.

“She kept saying that she wanted me to get off the plane, and I said I wasn’t going anywhere, I didn’t do anything wrong,” Avital Eisenberg told Fox News. “We try to explain that we are doing whatever we can with the children.”

A record of air travel during the past week by the CDC fully updates safety advice for those who have lost their lives.

The voices of other passengers could be heard defending the family, with one man saying he would make sure the family was wearing a mask while traveling, while another woman said other young children on the flight were not wearing masks.

The female flight attendant, reportedly speaking to the family on behalf of one of her male colleagues, said. “Not my choice,” as the father said they had a son with special needs on board.

Additional clips posted on social media have reportedly showed the family getting out of their seats with other passengers after everyone was told they needed to get off the plane.

A Spirit spokesperson told Fox News that all passengers on the plane, including their families, were on board after a team at the Orlando-based company was confident that the family would follow the mask policy.

The airline said parents would not wear masks and that the action had nothing to do with the child. In response, the couple told Fox News that the spirit’s words were “lies”.

“I have no words. Next level madness. I understand that if I give someone an attitude … but there is none, we are going to take off,” Ari Eisenberg said. “Everything was fine and suddenly someone came. Find us and ask us to get off the plane. We follow and have nothing to say. I keep asking what we don’t follow and nothing to say. “

Avital Eisenberg called the experience a “trauma” for her children.

“My son missed his medicine window, thank God he didn’t have a seizure, he was sitting there in a drenched diaper because I couldn’t change him for the rest of the story,” she said. It was a very bad experience going through someone with only one child with special needs. ”

The male flight attendant, who made the request before passengers began recording, were reportedly not authorized to board the plane and were taken from the plane by Orlando police officers.

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A federal order issued by President Joe Biden in January required all persons over the age of two to wear masks on planes, trains and buses. The order was recently extended by the Federal Aviation Administration. Because of the disruptive behavior that is still “too high”

According to the TSA, fines for an injunction can range from $ 250 for a first offense to $ 1,500 for a repeat offender.

Those exempt from the order are travelers under 2 years old, disabled persons who are unable to wear masks, or are unable to wear masks safely due to disability, as defined by the People’s Disability Act. Americans and those who wear masks “Risks to health, workplace safety, or job duties as required by the Workplace Safety Code or Federal Regulations”

The Orlando Police Department did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

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