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The famous plastic surgery star revealed Artificial breast pain is real

The “influential” surgeon with millions of followers on social media is calling the medical community about what he sees as painful myths about breast implants.

For some people, breast augmentation is a dream come true. for others the dream gradually turned into a nightmare — in the form of a mysterious illness dubbed “Breast Implant Disease” (BII)

Now, Dr. Anthony Yoon, a plastic surgeon in Detroit with 4.6 million followers on TikTok, has made his stance known in controversy over an illness that some doctors say doesn’t exist.

In an Instagram “reel” shared Tuesday night, Youn holds a silicone in one hand while pointing to the symptoms “Bre*st Implants cause,”

; writing on the video: “Not in everyone, but in some people BII is real.”

For those suffering from BII, symptoms may not show up for several months after surgery and tend to reveal themselves more slowly when they do. Pain, inflammation, skin rashes, hair loss, brain fog, joint pain, digestive problems. and fatigue These are all symptoms reported by people who believe they are experiencing BII.

Many doctors said Despite the patient’s desperate pleadings, BII does not exist. And their symptoms must be caused by problems that are not related to the implant.

However, Yun was breaking his position with the infirmary.

“Breast implants can cause a condition in some women called BII,” he explains in the video. “Yes, I believe it is true. But I also believe that most women do well with implants. But certainly not all.”

This condition is not technically medically recognized. This is because there are no studies conclusively suggesting that the procedures and materials used for implants might trigger the illness. Which leads to the stigma that indicates these patients are built.

However, many patients choose to use the knife again and have their implants removed, which is an “explanation” as a result of the illness that leaves them feeling “toxic.”

You’s followers thanked him for making the issue more aware.

“I’m so sick,” wrote one viewer, “BII almost killed me.”

“Thank you for being a real person,” another added. “I have many friends who have taken them out because of this condition. And their original plastic surgeon commented that it probably wasn’t from the implant. (although they are fully exercised to differentiate otherwise).”

Online forums like private Facebook groups for HealingBreastImplantIllness.com The silent refusal to suffer with nearly 145,000 members has been set up to support those who believe they have BII.

When thousands of people are showing these unexplained symptoms The Food and Drug Administration in 2019 issued a broad statement to medical device manufacturers producing dental implants. by calling for a more thorough research of their products.

In 2020, the FDA updated its analysis of breast implant devices.

“While the FDA has no conclusive evidence that breast implants cause these symptoms, But current evidence supports that some patients have systemic symptoms that may resolve when the breast implant is removed. The FDA is committed to communicating the information the agency receives about systemic symptoms reported by breast implant patients. “Writing agency

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