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The FBI warned about the potential for violence before the riots.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The FBI warned law enforcement agencies before last week of violating U.S. government agencies over the potential of radical-driven violence, US officials said Tuesday. It contradicts earlier statements that they were arrested by an attack by supporters of President Donald Trump

Almost a week after the riots, officials said they were fighting through mountains of evidence and vowed to look for those who committed brazen attacks on the U.S. authorities. Most of the allegations brought up until now have been criminal offenses. But US Attorney Michael Sherwin said the Justice Department was considering charges of inciting some rioters, accusing them of trying to overthrow or defeat the government effectively.

“This is just the beginning,”

; Sherwin said. “We will focus on the most important bill as a deterrent, because whether it’s just an intrusion in a government agency or someone bombing a pipe. Your bomb will be charged and you will be found. “

The Justice Department has created a special task force to investigate the possibility of sedition charges, which could face up to 20 years in prison.Officials said they used the same techniques in riot investigations, as those used in resistance investigations. International terrorism examines the circulation of money and the movement of the defendants leading to the breach. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer from New York Democrats called for adding the rioters to the non-flying list, the tool most involved in terrorist investigations.

The statements made by FBI officials and the Justice Department on Tuesday were intended to prevent federal law enforcement preparations ahead of the deadly riots and to warn participants. But they also raised new questions about interagency coordination for the Jan. 6 riots, sparked by Trump’s call for his supporters to fight a Congress vote to confirm the victory of President Joe Biden elected

In the aftermath of the riots, some law enforcement officials, including the congressional police chief, said they were unaware of the serious concerns leading up to January 6 and were only prepared for free protests.

But on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported on the existence of a Jan. 5 report from the FBI’s field office in Norfolk, Virginia, detailing that forecast, the prospect of the radical group. The next day’s “war” in Washington, Steven D’Antuono, assistant director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, said as soon as he received the warning on Jan. 5, the information would be quickly shared with the agency. Enforce other laws through joint terrorist forces.

D’Antuono was among the officials who suggested that law enforcement was recently arrested, saying on Friday: “There is no indication that anything other than the First Amendment protected activities.”

He did not explain the difference in his statement, although he suggested Tuesday that the Norfolk warning was based on unspecified information in terms of individual leads for review by. Identified as “Threads on Message Board” that do not belong to any individual.

In a statement on Tuesday night, the FBI said the authors of the report warned that “the FBI could encroach on the right to free speech” to take further action and that the document was not necessarily linked to “free speech”. Commenting on a national security threat or crime It underscores D’Antuono’s remarks in the press release saying that if the identity of the person referred to in the report is unknown, there is not much information that can be done.

Police, US Congress, and other officials did not immediately respond to questions about the initial threat assessment.

U.S. defense officials familiar with the discussions said Tuesday that Department Secretary Ryan McCarthy had not been notified of the FBI warning.

The official, who spoke on terms of anonymity to discuss the internal hearing, said it was not clear whether any defense or military personnel had heard of the FBI’s alert. But statements in the past few days from all leaders said they did not know. That level of violence was expected at City Hall.

Defense and National Guard officials, including McCarthy, said in interviews in recent days that they had been informed by DC that they believed the protests would be similar to those of the day’s protests. November 14 and December 12, and they say federal law enforcement. Officials said there was activity on Twitter, but they did not expect the level of violence they ultimately saw on Wednesday.

Even without the intelligence from law enforcement agencies But there are also many warnings about the Trump protests in Washington. But City Hall police did not bolster officers and did not make any preparations for the possibility that the planned protests could escalate into massive and violent uprising, as many briefed on the response to the enforcement. Use the law Authorities denied aid offered by the Pentagon three days before the riots.

Finally, when a backup was requested, the troop took more than two hours to mobilize near the town hall. Then the crowd raged for more than four hours.

As the crowd began to move to the government office, a police officer issued an order not to use lethal force, explaining why officers outside the building did not draw their weapons as the crowd occasionally entered. Was ordered to keep weapons in their holsters Avoid escalating situations if supervisors believe that doing so could cause panic or fire.

In this case, there were few officers who had the ability to resist the crowd. In one video from the scene, an officer uses a punch to try to push the crowd that pinned him and his colleagues to the door. The crowd mocked, “You’re not American!” And a man tried to prod him with the tip of the American flag.

Rampage through Congress halls has forced lawmakers of both sides and Trump’s vice president to hide as crowds call on lynch Mike Pence for his role in oversight. Vote count The scene also destroyed the image of the republic, that is, the peaceful transition of power. At least five people were killed, including one police officer in the capital.


Associated Press writer Lolita C.Baldor in Washington contributed to this report.

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