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The Feds hit a high-level alert Thursday after warning about potential threats to U.S. government agencies.

A joint warning from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday underscored the federal agency’s broader efforts to avoid the recurring errors before Jan. 6. When officials are dominated by violent Trump supporters storming the City Hall. These intelligence-sharing and planning failures have been exposed over the past two months in multiple hearings and are the focus of criticism from lawmakers investigating the violent attacks that have plagued many. Deceased

The violent extremist group also discussed plans to persuade thousands to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the March 4 plan, according to a joint intelligence statement.

Much of the talk was online, one source told CNN and it was not necessarily indicative of anyone who came to Washington to take action on the matter.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the former president will take office on March 4, according to a joint declaration between 1

793 and 1933, his inauguration usually falls on March 4 or a date. Close

Yogananda Pittman, the chief of police for the U.S. agency, told Congress on Wednesday that her department had “intelligence” about the coming days in Congress – but said she had “intelligence” about it. It will not be “prudent” to share intelligence. “Law enforcement sensitive” forms in public hearings or public hearings.

Although Pittman pledged to lawmakers that her department was in a “advanced” security posture, and the National Security Agency and state agencies were briefed on what to expect in another. Few days

Increased communication

There have been a concerted effort between federal agencies to communicate potential threats before March 4 in ways they were unable to do so before Jan. 6.

Efforts to improve preparedness include communication with government and local officials.DHS spoke with state and local law enforcement officials from around the country on Wednesday to discuss current threats posed by Domestic extremist groups include concerns about possible violence as of March 4, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

While the specifics from the call remain unclear, both sources said a comprehensive message from DHS officials was that dealing with threats posed by domestic extremist groups required increased communication and intelligence sharing between units. Federal and state and local government jobs include changing the way law enforcement officers. Interpret the information received

In a clear sign, federal agencies are taking steps to avoid the same communication failures they have been criticized for since the government attack. Law enforcement jobs should not be viewed solely on intelligence, considering that a threat is qualified. But it uses warnings provided by the DHS, the FBI and other partner agencies to inform decisions about their security posture, even if the information provided does not point to an attack or The imminent violence followed, the source said.

Federal officials are highlighting the issue where intelligence-sharing gaps prevent law enforcement from preparing for the January 6 chaos, although they were told of the potential violence ahead of the attack. The attacks were several days and in the future, statements issued by the DHS and the FBI indicated that the sources said the threat was serious enough to communicate to the relevant authorities, although the intelligence agency was based on online chatter or indicators. That is less clear, the source said.

Melissa Smislova, head of intelligence at DHS, told Wednesday that the DHS was “extremely dissatisfied” with the outcome of the “terrorism”. “Department efforts leading up to January 6”

She told lawmakers that the department is again investigating how it distributes information and coordinates with allies. “We thought that was enough and obviously not,” she said.

“We’ll do better,” she added.

Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has called on the department to assess its tactical and strategic operational posture, in particular its ability to respond to situations that may arise within the Capital region, a U.S. official told CNN.

Election Corruption Plans

The perception of election fraud and other conspiracy theories involved in the presidential transition could lead to violence with little or no warning, according to the statement, as part of a suite of intelligence products to highlight the threat. That is potentially domestic violence against the Washington, D.C. region.

“Since the current Capitol building is fortified like a military installation, I do not expect any successful attacks on property,” said Brian Harrell, former assistant secretary general for infrastructure protection at DHS. All threats should be taken seriously and investigations against those who have called for violence are still seen as far-right extremists affected by misinformation and conspiracy theories as a dangerous threat. The most fast in society ”

In the current environment “You cannot underestimate the potential for a small number of individuals or groups to engage in violence because they believe the false narratives they come across online,” the US official said.

The false narrative of the stolen election continues to attract the attention of extremist groups in the country, officials said, adding that there are people. “In a radical world, in a country that calls for violence in response to that narrative,”

Although March 4 was a law enforcement concern, it was not a “standalone incident,” officials said. But is part of “Continuity of violence” based on domestic radical conspiracy theories.

“It is a threat that continues to be a problem to law enforcement and I suspect we will have to focus on it in the months to come,” the official said.

The statement also stated that the militant groups “It has accused of threatening to attack US government agencies using explosives to kill as many members of Congress as possible during the upcoming unions’ address, according to (at) the US Congress Police Chief.”

Pittman warned last month that a group of volunteers involved in the Jan. 6 riots wanted “Blowing up the town hall” and “killing as many members as possible” as President Joe Biden spoke of a joint session of Congress.

At the time, Pittman said law enforcement remained concerned about the threat from known militia groups. “Which has an address directly connected to the State of the Union”

CNN’s Whitney Wild and Jim Sciutto contributed to this report.

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