Jeffrey Rosen, acting attorney general. ̵

6;A clear message’ to anyone attempting to use violence in the upcoming inauguration.

USA Today

A heavily armed man arrested a day after the deadly Capitol riots last week sent a message threatening to murder Washington’s mayor, as did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to government records.

The Cleveland Grover Meredith is armed with a Glock-style assault rifle, a Glock firearm with a high-capacity magazine and more than 2,500 ammunition, according to documents filed Wednesday in federal court requesting the arrest of Meredith without bond.

Authorities said Meredith sent several messages to people about plans of violence in the days before his arrival in Washington on Jan. 6 from Colorado. Earlier that day, an angry group of President Donald Trump supporters that Congress prepared to endorse the election results for President Joe Biden, who was elected by the government, stormed the US Congress. At least five people, including the state police, have died from the violence.

Meredith, in one of the texts, states: “We will surround DC and shrink.” Apparently, law enforcement was monitoring his communications, after which he sent a message stating: “I’m not dangerous … I won’t shoot until I receive an SIR command!”

Without any patience ‘: The Justice Department warned of efforts to thwart Biden’s initiative.

Capitol police officers are hailed as heroes. For pulling the angry mob off the Senate floor

After receiving a message explaining the riot, Meredith replied, “Ready to take the skull off her shoulder.” Shortly afterward, the defendant sent a message stating, “I’m ready to (swear) someone.”

On January 7, Meredith sent a message saying, “I might have walked to the mayor’s office and put on your skull, 5.56 (swearing).” He also wrote, “I hope you read Mr. A. This FBI person “

Next: “Thinking about heading to Pelosi’s speech (optional commentary) and bulleting in live TV.”

He then sent a message saying, “I predict that in the next 12 days many people in our country will die.”

Meredith also committed assault on Thursday, documents said, banging the victim’s head, hitting him to the ground and continuing to injure him.

‘Everyone’s awake’: While the National Guard is in DC, the state agency is gearing up for potentially armed protests.

Meredith faces charges of interstate communications over weapons threats and offenses.

“Disturbed, insane, and visibly dangerous individuals fantasize about horrific acts of violence and take countless steps to take by driving across multiple states in a car. A tow carrying thousands of ammunition and several firearms – shouldn’t be in the community. “Federal filings state

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