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The first lady told Biden to ‘pay attention’ during her speech in the UK.

First Lady Jill Biden taunted President Biden to focus on her remarks in a lighthearted moment at the event, marking the start of his first foreign trip to the presidency on Wednesday.

The first lady told military service members stationed at Britain’s Royal Air Force Mildenhall to sit during her brief speech at the event, with the president turning to acknowledging the soldiers standing backstage. Encourage the first lady to turn her attention to the podium.

“Joe, watch out,” said the first lady.

The chairman turned to the front of the stage and bowed. Laughing from the First Lady and the crowd.

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Bidens traveled to the UK ahead of a meeting between the president and key European allies. Biden will meet Prime Minister Boris. Britain’s Johnson and attended the G-7 Summit in Cornwall. Britain later this week, then the president will join talks with NATO and the European Union. This was followed by a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The First Lady’s comments at the event highlight her work in helping military service members and their families. Jill Biden has a leading role in Joining Forces, a support program she co-founded during the Obama administration.


“We will work on the employment and business of spouses in the military. Make sure you can get quality child care when you need it. and give your child the education they deserve,” she said.

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