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The first person to sue Deshaun Watson revealed her identity and spoke out.

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Three weeks ago today the Texans defender Deshaun Watson’s sexual harassment lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, the plaintiff, who previously sued under the pseudonym Jane Doe, revealed her identity and spoke to the media.

At a press conference called by attorney Tony Buzbee, Ashley Solis attended and made a statement about her interaction with Watson.

“I’m here to grab power and take back control,” said Solis. “I’m a survivor of abuse and harassment.”

She said Watson assaulted and abused her on March 30, 2020, “In my own home, do what I love most, massage therapy”

“Some days I feel like a hero, other days I feel like a failure,” she explains, adding that she plays the interactions over and over again in her head.

“I could no longer practice the profession that I loved the most without my hands shaking during the session,” she said. To heal their mind and body To bring peace to their souls, Deshaun Watson has robbed me. ”

She said she had panic, anxiety, depression.

“We are all tricked into thinking Deshaun Watson is a good person, and unfortunately we know good people can do bad things,” Solis said.

“People said I did this for the money,” she added. “That’s a lie. I came forward so that Deshaun Watson doesn’t hurt other women. ”

Buzbee said Solis had spoken with the Houston Police Department and that at least one other person was as well.

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