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The footage shows Trump still drinking Coke despite calling for sanctions.

  • Trump adviser Stephen Miller tweeted photos of himself and Trump in Trump’s new office on Monday.
  • An eagle-eyed observer noticed what looked like a glass Diet Coke bottle hidden on Trump’s desk.
  • Days earlier, Trump told supporters to boycott Coca-Cola for opposing the new Georgia voting law.
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Donald Trump is back on Twitter, sort of.

The former president made a Twitter guest appearance on Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller on Monday in a photograph of the two taken in Trump’s new Mar-a-Lago office.

Long-time Trump advisers offered Twitter users a glimpse of Trump’s new working conditions since he took up residence in the South Florida club following his retirement in January.

But Eagle Eye inspectors quickly noticed the ill-concealed prohibition on Trump’s desk.

Behind the phone on a desk, a glass bottle that appears to be the former president’s best-known soft drink, Diet Coke, can be seen, partially open and apparently drunk from.

The out-of-sight soda bottle was particularly notable in light of Trump’s recent calls for a boycott of the Coca-Cola product that came just days before the pictures were taken.

On Saturday, Trump released a statement calling on Republicans and Conservatives to “fight back” against “WOKE CANCEL CULTURE”, boycotting companies such as Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan, Chase, UPS, and more, all available. Protesting Georgia’s restrictive new ballot laws

During the early days of his presidency, a New York Times profile revealed that Trump drank about 12 bottles of Diet Coke each day and even called a cleaning worker to bring him his favorite soda. Buttons on the desk

A close examination of Miller’s photographs also revealed a pair of reading glasses placed on Trump’s new desk, the departure of a man who rarely sees himself wearing eyeglasses in 2019. The New York Times reports that Trump doesn’t like tweeting in front of others because he needs reading glasses to see his iPhone screen, but Trump likes to assign his tweets to the social media director. Of the White House Dan Scavino

There was no word on how or when Trump wore the glasses, as he was permanently removed from Twitter.

Miller’s photographs also highlight the artworks told in Trump’s office. In the corner of the room, you can see the former president’s desk. Mount Rushmore is framed.

As reported by The New York Times in 2019, White House aides asked South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem how to add the president to Mount Rushmore, Noem said during his first meeting with Trump. In the Oval Office, she invited him to South Dakota, sometimes with Mount Rushmore. It is reported that he replied: “You know, I dreamed of seeing my face on Mount Rushmore?”

In the corner of the photo sits on the side table and partially blocked Miller, there is a small statue that appears to be Trump. A tangible poem for a self-professed and self-centered president.

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