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The Good Doctor Recap: Season 4 Finale – Shaun and Lea Claire is gone.

The Good DoctorThe bittersweet ending marks the beginning of beloved characters and a new beginning for everyone.

Based on Claire’s decision to accept surgery at a rural hospital in Guatemala (Anthonia’s departure Thomas was revealed ahead of Monday’s broadcast.) Lea proposed marrying Sean. And he said yes!

Elsewhere in front of the couple: Morgan and Park confess their love for each other. Andrew revealed that his wife Isabel (Previously played by Marsha Thomasson) leaves him for another man, and Mateo (the newly promoted series Osvaldo Benavides) decides to return. Went to America to live with Lim… and faces a decades-old warrant for his arrest.

Below, producer David Shore weighs in on the state of The Good DoctorMany couples reflect on Claire̵

7;s exit story. (and her possible return) and looking forward to season 5.

TVLINE | Before we talk about Shaun and Lea’s engagement, let’s talk about the tragedy that almost ripped them apart. Why did you decide to abort Lea? Why did this couple share the trauma at this point in their relationship?
The Good Doctor 4x16 - Shaun and Lea miscarryWe’re just not sure we want to go down the parenthood road. There are things that we want to explore in their relationship before we start exploring that. It felt like an obstacle to exploring it. When something like this happened, all of a sudden, hearing it was astonishing like that scene. [where Nurse Villanueva tells Lea, “It also happened to me”].And we want to show this pain. this particular pain and not shorten it Goes on in several episodes [and see how it impacted this couple]. It’s an extraordinary mourning that people have to go through.

TVLINE | After watching Lia’s regret for several episodes Why is it important that she be the one asking for Sean?
Part of the reason she proposed to him was because of what she saw from him right now. And how much did he support him? I mean literally in the episode he waited with her. [at the hospital]They sat and held the boy all night, and he waited. [Lea] get ready [to move forward in their relationship]. It is important to open her schedule, not his

TVLINE | Knowing that this would be Antonia Thomas’s last year Did you enter Season 4 with a specific path for Claire?
I entered this season hoping that she would change her mind[[[[laugh]That didn’t happen, which wasn’t too surprising. she is very grateful And I know you’re having a great time performing. She told me that she was grateful for the opportunity. and we will miss you But we put that character in a lot. And she gets up on that occasion every time. Antonia is great. And I look forward to watching you continue to do what you do.

The Good Doctor 4x20 - Claire is leaving.TVLINE | How about in terms of Claire’s exit plot?
We don’t want the ending to be another story. [to the character]. I want you to run per some not away from something We wanted to find a place for her to go that felt very appropriate for her.

TVLINE | Did you mention another exit strategy? This season, Claire reconnects with her father. She was still contemplating a trip to Paris…
We talked for a while but never felt it. [anything else was right]. not like [the trip to Paris] It’s what we plan to do. [for her exit]. That would be her running away. [Accepting the job in Guatemala] I feel like I’m running towards something… It was the first and only thought I discussed with Antonia. And she’s really excited about it.

TVLINE | Antonia said she would be “fully open” to reprise her role as a guest star. Is it your hope that we can check in with Dr. Browne for the next 1-2 seasons and see how she is doing in Guatemala? Or maybe bring her back to Shaun and Lea’s wedding?
Yes, we’d love to find a place to bring her back. You are part of the world and will be a part of this world forever. would be nice to see [Claire], for her to bring stories to us or just to come in to highlight people’s lives.

TVLINE | Among his colleagues Claire is the person Shaun always turns to for advice. During her absence, did you see Shaun relying on another colleague to do that? Or do you think he has reached the point where he no longer needs that role?
We all want that role to be full, and Sean is. [less reliant on her], to a certain extent. I think the rest of our characters have Claire with them. So I think they all have some of that. [wisdom] Now to give what Claire had in the past. But it would be silly to try and design a character to try out Claire 2.0.

The Good Doctor 4x20 - Shaun and Glassman's Zoom CallTVLINE | At some point, Glassman admitted that Shaun needed him less and less these days. How will their dynamics develop in Season 5 as Shaun prepares to get married?
he needs him less but he needs him differentMore so Shaun is growing like we all do. It’s a classic parent/child relationship. when your child grows up They need you less for a lot of things, but they never stop wanting you. That’s the purpose of parents: to put the child in an independent spot and able to stand on his own two feet. I think Glassman is good at that. And Shaun did a great job on his own.

TVLINE | Why is Glassman’s separation from Debbie a secret from Shaun? I expected him to say something during a Zoom call.
The simple answer to that question is Shaun has. [embarked on] One of the most important weeks of his life. [on this surgical mission]And Glassman doesn’t want to throw that thing at him. Of course, we will have to deal with the consequences of what happened. But this is not the time to do it.

TVLINE | Andrew’s upcoming divorce should come as no surprise. We haven’t seen Isabel since Season 1, but it still doesn’t catch my attention. Does the lack of a storyline for the relationship influence your decision to end things off-screen?
That’s right

The Good Doctor 4x20 - Morgan and Park say 'I love you'.TVLINE | We saw Morgan’s weaker side in the finale. She allows herself to open up to Park and has a strong and committed relationship. Will we see more Morgan in this new perspective during Season 5?
Look, Morgan will always be Morgan. She will always have that. [vulnerable] We are beside you, but we always look at you. And I think Fiona did a really good job of making her a full-scale character. [She] I didn’t want to show you these sides. but it was there She chose to focus on one side. and that aspect may stand out in her more than many people see[[[[laugh]But yes, she might be a little more cautious. Especially with Park — and that can become a challenge in that relationship.

TVLINE | Likewise, Dr. Lim opened up to Mateo about her PTSD, now facing injuries. Can we expect the head of surgery to be more sunny? Especially now that Mateo is following her back to America?
I think we can definitely expect some sunny days. Of course, these are the doctors who have to deal with death. Dealing with challenges in their own lives And that will not stand still. But this is a sign that she is recovering, or at least learning to cope.

The Good Doctor 4x20 - Mateo and LimTVLINE | Aside from his relationship with Lim, what role will Mateo play next season?
I like that he comes from another place, another world, and has a different perspective. He has been through a lot, he is diverse in many ways and that is what I am excited about. The writer’s room has just begun. And we’re going to explore that.

TVLINE | And will he work at St. Bonaventure?
I think it’s safe to assume yes.

TVLINE | How can we get involved in his legal issues? Will these be explained in a few sentences or will it be a continuation of the plot?
It’s probably more the latter than before.

TVLINE | Each season sees Shaun begin a new journey. Whether navigating his first romantic relationship in Season 3 or taking on more responsibilities as an Elder in Season 4, what kind of journey will he choose in Season 5?
We are exploring different ways. to use different themes [of Season 4] and take them to an even higher level, which is governance. [interns]but also his professional independence. Now he is ending his residency. What does that mean? He was in a safe place until now to some extent. Of course, it wasn’t safe at first. But we want to mix things up a bit and make things a little less safe for him and see how he gets up on that occasion. for he will not dwell any longer soon. and personally We want to make it even better. that’s a battle

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