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The Google Store is a Fitbit acquisition with a striking banner.

The Google Store serves both as the place to learn about Made by Google and how to shop directly. Made by Google is advertising its Fitbit acquisitions with a prominent store link.

Shortly after the announcement of the closing of the acquisition this morning, the entire Google Store page was updated with a dark banner. It appears only when you scroll to the top of the page.

Fitbit Welcome to the Google family. Explore fitbit.com.

This is an outstanding announcement for everyone visiting the store. The link will take users to Fitbit’s main product page, listing everything from smartwatches and fitness trackers to smart scales. Accessories such as additional straps and replacement chargers and subscription services will also appear here. Finally, Fitbit offers a “gear”

; section for purchasing branded warmers and other clothing.

Meanwhile, under a full-screen banner on the Google Store homepage that advertises the Pixel 5 / 4a 5G, Nest Audio and Chromecast with Google TV, including a carousel. “All Products” will have another welcome message, including the flagship Fitbit Sense with a second link to “Explore”.

Besides Twitter and Facebook, the Store will be the most prominent way that Google publicly says it now owns a Fitbit.

It remains to be seen whether the Google Store will start selling Fitbit products, as the newly acquired company has been managing the retail site for a while. It’s likely that Google would initially be adding and selling Fitbit products in a similar way to third-party accessories. (Another question is, will the Fitbit and community help documentation move to Google Support?) If so, the return of smartwatches will be shown on the site according to LG Style and Sport.

One historical precedent is that the acquisition of Nest.com for search and buy products was shut down in June 2019 following the previous month’s announcement of the integrated “Google Nest” nickname. Together in the long run to better align with the Made by Google brand

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