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The GOP lost thousands of dollars in NC after government riots.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – In the deadliest hour Riot at the US Capitol Last week, many cut ties with Republicans, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In North Carolina, the GOP has lost thousands of people since the attack on Wednesday.

According to the State Electoral Commission, 2,879 people left Republicans in North Carolina between Jan. 6 and 11.

More than 2,400 people have transitioned to 262 non-affiliated members who have moved to Democrats.

It was predicted that Wake County had the most voters out of the GOP, with 586 changing affiliation.

Few people joined the GOP after Jan. 6, with 742 converting from non-constitutional, democratic or liberal people to Republicans.

So in that six-day time frame, Republicans lost a net loss of 2,1

37 registrants across North Carolina.

In democracy, the party’s affiliation was not very exciting, despite the fact that it suffered a net loss.

Between January 6 and 11, 864 Democrats changed their affiliation. However, 722 voters switched from party to Democrats, including 440 non-affiliated voters.That’s the net loss of 142 voters.

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