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The hot Knicks curled up with a win over the Grizzlies.

Memphis – It’s a hot and humid May afternoon in Memphis.

But at night, nothing gets hotter than the Knicks.

The Knicks had no starting point in Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks were returning from the long absence of COVID-19, but the Knicks’ freight train scored a season-high 44 points in the second quarter on the way. At 118 – Grizzlies exploded 104 times Monday at FedExForum.

The hero is reserve point defender Derrick Rose, who not only showed off his MVP form 10 years ago, but looks like he’s back at the University of Memphis, leading the Tigers to the national championship game.

When some fans were wearing his old “23 ̵

6;blue college cheer jerseys, Rose’s jump never looked realistic and he hit the basket, drove three cars down to the finish with a top 25 points this season, he scored 19. Of 26 of his last two games

Julius Randle added 28 points (5 of 8 on 3 pointers) and Burks scored his first four hits before adjusting his ankle late.

The game kicked off late with Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins and neutral point defender Ja Morant, fired from the controversy and sent the home crowd into a frenzy.

The smart, smart and strong Knicks dominated the win record (37-28) with seven games remaining in their post of their 12th win of 13 games.

This frenzy kicked off with a fourth-quarter comeback against the Grizzlies on April 9, and no one knows when the Knicks’ six-game western trip started 2-0 with Denver, Phoenix Clippers and Lakers await.

The Knicks’ first winning season from 2012-2013 was never before in December – even by the Knicks, GM Scott Perry and vice William Wesley. The senior president, who sat completely next to the team’s benches after Audry Perry and Wesley. Congratulate Coach Tom Thibodeau

Julius Randle

After missing the first six matches and falling behind 6-0, the Knicks were happy to watch the rest of the first half. Their share of the ball, a shot and a little quick break put them over the fast Grizzlies 69-58 at half-time.

Memphis’ Young Point defender Morant was completely shut down (eight points, 2 for 12). Morant’s low period came late in the third quarter when he tried to throw the ball off the back. At myself Randle took it over and fired at Barrett for a quick and 87-75 lead.

The Knicks were backed by the Burks’ comeback after missing eight games in a row.The Burks didn’t miss a single beat.The Burks scored their first shot after the start of the second quarter, a 3-pointer walking in, out and back in.

Habsburg made all three of his seven shots in the second half and entered Obi Toppin for an alleyway with two assists.

The fiery red Rose is a monster from deep, adding 15 points in 1:42 p.m. Rose’s jumper continues to sizzle as he slams in 6 of 7 shots with a pause.

Randle pressed three pointers at the first half buzzer to trigger the Knicks to lead 69-58 at halftime. Putting them at 44 points in the second quarter, the peak of the season.

They finished the 11th half of 18 from a 3-point distance – forcing the season’s experts predicting a three-point shoot to quit.

The Grizzlies made a hot start with strong center Jonan Valanciunas sparking an early lead as the Knicks missed out on their starting center, Nerlens Noel temporarily, but the Taj Gibson eventually set his will and ended it with. Three blocks The third string center, Norvel Pelle, registers two blocks.

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