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The independent taxi turned into a rogue escape from the rescue crew.

“Oh no, now it’s blocking the whole road.”

The robot riot begins.

A self-driving taxi got stuck in traffic in Chandler, Arizona, and when a technical support team showed up to release it, it drove away and blocked a three-lane road.

Joel Johnson was riding an autonomous minivan from Waymo, a self-driving car development company, when it stopped in the middle of a road after encountering an orange safety cone. according The VergeThe cone confuses the car enough to stop it all.

“I don̵

7;t think it’s the turn,” Johnson said in the video. “We might be stuck.”

Johnson recorded the event and published a video on his YouTube page, where he often posted about the Waymo experience under his username. JJRicks Studios

Watch the full video of his experience below:

Will cheat

After stranded on the road, Johnson called Waymo’s roadside assistance team for help. While waiting for their arrival, the car seemed to figure it out for a while and turned right … only to stop again after finding an orange traffic cone.

“I don’t think it should have been done like that,” said Johnson, laughing. “No. It’s blocking the entire road right now.”

When the roadside assistance team arrived, the car again rushed into motion and drove down the road, stopping at an intersection and blocking three lanes of traffic.

Roadside assistance can finally reach Johnson and his wayward minivan.

The whole situation was a shame for Waymo.The company currently has 600 vehicles in its entire fleet, with more than 300 vehicles operating in Arizona. The VergeThe situation is still certain. Raise doubts about the performance of self-driving cars.s.

But it’s nice to know that if autonomous vehicles decide to cheat, they can be stopped with a little orange plastic.

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