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The InnerSloth, the developers among us, teased plans for the future.

InnerSloth’s Among us It was one of the biggest surprises of 2020, while the game debuted in 2018, it garnered a lot of attention last year when the game became a hit on Twitch. The main appeal was avoided and the developer was caught by a newfound interest. In the new year ahead, InnerSloth has been working hard on trying to keep that benefit, and it seems surprising that the company has yet to discuss publicly. In a new interview with GameSpot’s Lucy James, InnerSloth’s Victoria Tran briefly touched on the prospect of a future revelation.

“We have some secrets in the works that I cannot mention,” said Tran.

That doesn’t let the fans continue to do much. But the opportunity to have more content should prove to be quite exciting.InnerSloth was clearly not prepared for the increased interest in the game, and there were quite a few changes in plans for this reason.

“That was terrifying and amazing and wonderful, and no English word would make people understand how surprising and amazing it was,”

; Tran said.

When it comes to gaming success stories, it’s hard to compare any of them. Among usWhile a lot of games are getting more attention after the initial release, it often comes too late for developers to take advantage of. That’s not the case. Among usAnd InnerSloth appears to be well positioned to take advantage. The developers have identified a number of future game updates, including a new airship map.

However, as with any online game, keeping your attention may be easier than doing. Gamers can be very volatile and will always move on to the next big thing even if the developers do their best. It remains to be seen if that would be the case. Among usBut with InnerSloth working hard to come up with new ways to improve the game, it looks like success will continue for the foreseeable future.

Among us It’s currently available on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC.You can check out all of our previous game coverage here.

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