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The insane escape of an armored truck driver from a highway robbery is straightforward from an action movie.

Prinsloo’s experience was certainly tested in any theft attempt. The test takes only a few minutes, though. But several guns were fired at him and the passengers, who were the passengers throughout the situation. Unable to shoot back and apparently unable to drive, he couldn’t do much but follow Prinsloo’s command.He didn’t look cool under the pressure of his peers. But it’s safe to think that few people Besides the YouTube commenters, of course.

Eventually the thieves were escaped and the cash-carrying truck, the armored Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series, seemed to get stuck. Shortly after Toyota was immobilized, Prinsloo exited a car armed with a semi-automatic rifle that was a feature of the AR-1

5.The clip ended after that.

The aftermath of the incident was posted on Twitter by Yusuf Abramjee Prinsloo and his partner were not harmed, although the Land Cruiser was unable to speak. The Toyota gearshift was damaged on the front bumper, many windows were broken by a bullet, and the bullet holes appeared to be part of the doorway and the driver’s side A-pillar.Of course, this was a small price to pay for the Prinsloo and friends. Of him to go out to life

The thief drove a car that appeared to be an Audi A5 Sportback, which suffered more than a reliable 70 Series damage. In the aftermath image posted to Twitter, the car can be seen scrapped after this heist, the rear and trunk panels appear to have suffered massive damage as a result of Prinsloo’s defensive driving.

In the statement given to SA Trucker, Spokesperson South African police said. “On Thursday, April 22, a group of men attempted to rob a CIT vehicle on a N4 in Pretoria. The suspect fired several shots at the CIT in an attempt to stop during a high-speed chase.”

“CIT drivers have been able to avoid the robbers for a while. But stopped waiting for the robbers later The robbers fled without taking any money. No arrest yet “

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