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The intelligence of the NASA Mars helicopter: how to watch the post-flight briefing.

Ingenuity helicopters make history of Mars flight.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

Part of this story Welcome to marsOur series explores the red planet.

NASA has succeeded in “The first powered and controlled flight on another planet” on Monday. A smart helicopter rises from the surface of Mars.Now that history has been made, NASA is eager to tell us all about it.

NASA held a smart post-flight briefing for 11am PT today, when the helicopter team will share the latest information about the aeronautical success it has made on the Red Planet.

A tiny rotor rode to Mars, under the belly of a persistent rover, which Left on the surface To protect yourself Two machines set up for beautiful photos Together. The rover serves as a witness to Ingenuity’s flight.

The flight attempt was delayed from the original April 11 to allow NASA’s time to update the machine’s software After the test, the impeller rotation ended too quickly. The helicopter was later successfully tested for rapid rotation, a milestone that made it happen.

The agency televised Ingenuity’s coverage on NASA TV early Monday. It’s not like watching a sporting event with live footage. But NASA’s helicopter team celebrated after receiving good news from Mars. You can follow the re-run here:

“The rover will provide support during flight operations, imaging, collecting environmental data, and hosting base stations that enable helicopters to communicate with mission controllers on Earth,” NASA said in a statement in early April.

NASA has emphasized that Ingenuity is a high-risk and high-yield technology demonstration. Now that the award has been officially handed over, NASA has set a planned test flight duration of up to 31 Earth days, and additional flights may be scheduled soon. Than April 22 for the second test flight

There are lucky charms for the wise journey. A small piece of the famous Wright Brothers’ famous flyer Attaching it to it draws a straight line between making aviation history on both Earth and Mars.

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