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The internet is baffled by a photo of a young woman who seems stuck on a sidewalk.

They are searching for a concrete answer.

The scammers dissolve the internet after posting pictures of a young woman who appears to be submerged in water while playing outside. The perplexing images appeared on Reddit about two weeks ago. But it happened on Twitter when users groped for an explanation of what was going on.

“Where is my daughter, the rest of her?” Read the caption, which seduces the audience with a vague question: “Oh, do I understand?”

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A snap reminiscent of Salvador Dalí, posted by Reddit user MK24ever, shows a little girl in a pink dress that appears to be buried at her waist in concrete and stone as if she had fallen into quicksand. pavement

Needless to say, an illusion that defies physics has social media players scratching their heads.

“This is injuring my brain … I can̵

7;t see it,” tweeted one observer of the brain teaser.

Another wrote: “Oh wow, take a moment.”

One comedian even shared a picture on Facebook with the caption: “Don’t forget to stop today and feed the girl on the sidewalk on the way home or she won’t stop screaming.”

Finally, some clever spectators were able to decipher the illusion: this youngster stood behind a low wall made of the same material as the pavement. This makes it appear to be part of the same passageway when, in fact, the entire foreground is on a higher plane.

“Basically, the foreground is higher than where the young woman is,” tweeted one truth seeker. “It makes sense, but it’s very difficult.”

The illusion is enhanced by placing her elbows on a cobblestone wall, which makes the wall and street seem one.

Her elbow [is on] The walls are the same color as the pavement where you stand Tweeted one audience.

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Another person also posted a useful and organized photograph where the grass is lit and the edges of the walls are improved to better distinguish between planes.

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