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The Invincible Amazon Season 1 finale spoiler chat zone

Nolan and Mark in ...

Nolan and Mark in …
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Season one Last or invincible Decreased today like a two-bit crook. drill By Omni-Man, the show’s greatest mysteries have been solved, one father-son riddle has its core, the show’s most devastating battles have taken place, and so much more.

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Comics fans knew of Omni-Man (JK Simmons) ‘secret plan from the beginning, so this question arises to people who haven’t read the manga: Are you surprised? I mean, apparently Nolan is killing the hero and not the good one. But do you fully expect his plans and how cruel a matchup with his son Mark (Steven Yoon) will be? And anime fans, how do you feel about the show being deviated and improved from the original, not just in the finale? But through the first season

There are also plenty of basics in setting up a future development, of course Amazon has at least expanded the show. Two more seasonsFor now, let’s have hearts for each other. invincible Season one and the finale – just without blood

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