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The Isaac Board Game Expansion Made Over $5 Million

Edmund McMillen is returning to the well with a massive new add-on for Isaac’s Binding: The Four SoulsA table game based on a successful video game. The crowdfunding campaign has surpassed $5.3 million and will end on July 2. Deliveries of finished products — including large scale expansions — are slated for June 2022.

Isaac’s Binding: The Four Souls It originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 and is now available at Target and Amazon. magic rallyThe popular Commander style and more, players take on the role of characters from The Binding of Isaac to deal with monsters and capture their souls. There are also a lot of competitions. as players try to sabotage each other̵

7;s strategies.

$35 base pledge including 248-card requiem Add-ons with a small set of cards to help fix the original game. $65 all-inclusive pledge Including a large box to store everything. Meanwhile, the $40 pledge includes the enhanced version of the base game only.

Like many Kickstarter campaigns today, There is a nuance as to which pawn levels come with extended goals. And to what extent is it not? Make sure to check the campaign details before placing your funds. Alternatively, you can pay $1 to be included in the pledge manager. This will give you more time and flexibility when choosing a la carte. This should be especially interesting for video game fans, as the campaign features new collectible figures, clothing, and dice.

campaign for Isaac’s Binding: Four Souls Requiem Runs until Friday, July 2 at 1:59 a.m. CDT..

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