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The Italian government entered the central crisis of the epidemic.

ROME – Italy’s history of political instability reappeared at an especially unstable time on Wednesday as the government crisis kicked off amid a massive outbreak that devastated the country, raising doubts about its capabilities. Of leaders and the escalating political battle

The government, which is a coalition of facilitation between increasingly unpopular populism and the establishment of a center-left, appears to have exploded amid long boiling power struggles, revenge plans and disputes. Ideological about EU aid funds

Italy now finds itself in a period of familiar political uncertainty. But things are much more dangerous from the outbreak.

The crisis was triggered by the withdrawal of government ministers by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who controlled little support. But have discretion in most governing bodies His tactic, which the nervous political leader spent the week trying to avoid, puts his rival, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in a difficult position.

The opening of the government crisis comes when Italy, the first European country to be severely impacted by the virus and among the most damaged, is undertaking a vaccination program that the country’s hopes remain. are

Italian voters, most of whom do not understand or care about the mechanics and struggles between political leaders, are concerned that the breakdown could hinder Italy’s viral response and slow its return to normalcy.

At a news conference on Wednesday evening, Renzi, a left-wing politician, announced the formal resignation of two ministers.He did not enact a ban on joining another government led by Conte. But said the prime minister forced his hand, using the pandemic as an excuse to evade democratic institutions.

“Of course, because of the epidemic, it is imperative to respect democratic rules,” he said.

Mr Renzi said the tacit comments made by many in the Democratic Party, which he once led, said Renzi said the government’s populist members were more concerned with getting likes on social media than a ruling. serious He said Conte’s government had failed to go ahead with Italy’s youth job investment infrastructure program and to condemn supporters of President Trump who raided the U.S. Capitol last week.

Most importantly, he said, ideological populism in Conte’s government refused to receive billions of euros from the European Union for the Italian health system.

The reaction to Renzi’s break was swift and negative across Italy’s political landscape, with leaders lamenting that Renzi’s movement was unreasonable, politically motivated and causing the country to fall. abyss

“Fatal mistakes made by few people we all have to pay,” wrote Andrea Orlando, a former Democrat’s ally Renzi on Twitter.

Mr Conte’s administration could manage to maintain a majority in parliament. May pass the current cabinet shuffling But that would be more difficult without Mr. Renzi’s approval.

Conte may have recently resigned, prompting the collapse of the federal government, the worst national crisis Italy has faced since World War II. The president of Italy can then ask someone with enough support, or possibly Mr Conte again, to create a new government that will be approved in parliament.

But if a solid new front cannot finally be found, the political crisis could prompt re-elections in potentially dangerous conditions and open the door to the return of nationalist forces.

Critics of the diverse Mr. Renzi see vindictive and ambitious politicians who now have only the power of destruction. But couldn’t resist using it

Renzi, a skilled political operator from the left-hand establishment, effectively excluded nationalist leader Matteo Salvini in 2019 after Mr Salwini stepped apart from the coalition front. In the power struggle, Mr. Renzi seized the moment, devouring him. It takes great pride in building an unlikely alliance between the Democratic Party where he was once a leader and a populist five-star movement that has spent years scorning and distorting information about him and breaking him out. power The deal blocked the re-election that Salwini expected to win and made him uncomfortable.

Mr Renzi then immediately left the Democratic Party and formed a small party, Italia Viva, which truly didn’t gain traction. But there are enough members of Congress to decide for the survival of the government consisting of Five Stars and Democrats.

Tensions between Conte and Mr Renzi began to widen in December when Conte announced the establishment of another agency to decide he would spend more than 200 billion euros, or about $ 243 billion, from the EU’s recovery fund.

Renzi also urged the government to accept a separate 36 billion euros – about $ 44 billion the European Union provided and allocated to the Italian health system. The Five Stars, which came to power in an anti-establishment anger against Brussels, rejected the source of the funding, known as the European Stabilization Mechanism, which was the start of populism.

Several weeks ago, Mr. Conte and Mr. Renzi played a cockfighting game. Renzi’s basement popular support eliminates the disadvantage of doing the unpopular. Having nothing to lose, he made more use of it in his confrontation with Mr. Conte, in fact many of Mr Renzi’s demands.

But the prime minister remained firm in his refusal to accept European stabilization mechanisms.

In Mr. Renzi’s leap, populist leader Salwini drooled when he had the opportunity to regain power.

“A better election or a central government than this controversy,” he told reporters on the protests in Rome.

On Wednesday night, Mr Renzi said he opposed the possibility of a new election. To avoid that from happening, he can send support back to Mr. Conte. But in times of crisis, things are unpredictable and can cope. As a result, members of the government tried to get Mr Renzi back from Brink.

The toughest members of the Five Stars cut back from joining Mr Renzi’s party if he brought down the government.

It was not clear whether he would leave Renzi or Italy.

Some of Italy’s leading virologists are clearly disgusted by the political disturbances in the health emergency.

“The orchestra was playing while the Titanic was sinking,” Massimo Galli, director of infectious diseases at Milan’s Luigi Sacco Hospital, said on Italian television. A difficult hospital again “

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