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The jail sentence for the Iowa mask fight raises questions about the mandatory minimum.

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Ex-Trump officials were eventually punished under the Who Hatched Next Act?

Drew Angerer, for years, blatantly violent hatch laws were rivaled only by “Infrastructure Week” – the most horrifying joke of the Trump administration. But, nearly three months after President Donald Trump’s retirement from office, the former administration has received formal disciplinary action for exploiting the position for political purposes, and more may be on the way. To Lynn Patton, longtime Trump administration and the former Hatch Act planner on several occasions during her tenure as director of public liaison for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Instead, he ignored the opportunity to confront discipline for public breach of the law. “Just this amazing tweet from both of my Twitter accounts professionally. And personal, ̵

6;Patton wrote in a 2019 Facebook post after sharing a meme from a conservative account. “It may violate the Hatch Act. It may not be Either way, I don’t care anymore. On Tuesday, however, Patton was also subject to disciplinary action for violating the ethics law, accepting a deal from the US Special Counselor’s office, which included a $ 1,000 fine and a four-year ban from serving in the federal government. Tan also has to admit she deliberately violated the law when she recruited residents of public housing to appear in a video supporting Trump at last year’s Republican National Convention, usually such violations. It was embezzled by Trump officials as a bureaucratic ‘oops’. ” But with the election of President Joe Biden, the Office of Special Counsel and the Committee for the Protection of the System of Moral Systems, the state body tasked with considering a potential breach of the Hatch Act, which There was no committee quorum for the duration of Trump’s tenure. Starting a plethora of pending complaints from the Trump era, former Trump official Lynn Patton breaches the hack law with a fraudulent RNC video: OSC. Pending investigation But it said there was little limitation by the length of the complaint filed with the Merit Systems Protection Board. “In order for the OSC to file a complaint with the Merit Systems Protection Board, the OSC must file a complaint while the subject remains a government employee. “Otherwise, the MSPB will no longer have jurisdiction,” Zachary Kurz, a spokesman for the Office of Special Counsel, told The Daily Beast. “Otherwise, the MSPB will no longer have jurisdiction.” Some Trumpworld individuals are concerned that they may face the consequences of the Hatch Act breach. “Let me just say this: People will never want to tweet,” said a person near the White House. Administrators who are ignorant of ethical laws But Lynn Patton is still outstanding. ”Noah Bookbender, president Of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the ethics watchdog that initially filed a complaint to Patton, “What made her behavior so offensive is that she not only made her complaint, But using her position only for political purposes, she also deceives and exploits public housing for political gain, showing little respect for the people to whom she deserves the help and the ethical rules she is supposed to. Stay tuned. ”Patton’s actions are far from an anomaly in the Trump administration, where senior officials have developed a model for years of violating the hatch law, most of them impunity. The Republican National Convention alone presented a tsunami of potential law violations from former Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf hosting the prime-time naturalization ceremony. Until the decision of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to deal with the RNC from Jerusalem to the closed facility. A night on the White House lawn in October 2020 alone, CREW found 16 Trump officials surprisingly violated the Hatch Act 60 times, including their first daughter / senior adviser Ivanka Trump. Son-in-law / Senior Counsel Jared Kushner Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Honorable Trade Peter Navarro and Director of Communications Alyssa Farah, but the majority of senior management staff openly profane the law, which prohibits them. Use government positions or government resources for political purposes. “No one outside the Beltway really – they expect it. That Donald Trump will promote Republican values ​​and that they expect Barack Obama when he is At work he’ll do the same for Democrats, ”Mark Meadows, a former White House chief of staff – one-time adherent to the Hatch Act – told Politico in August by calling. Concerns from ethics expert “There are many worries,” or former White House Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway said, shortly before the Office of the Special Counsel ruled that she should be discharged for repeated violations of the Hatch Act. : “Blah, blah, blah… let us know when the jail sentence begins.” Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Register now! Daily Beast: Beast Inside members delve into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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