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The joint chief condemned the state agency’s attack, warning the military of its duty to uphold and defend the constitution.

Washington – The Joint Chief of Staff, the highest-ranking official in each branch of the military, sent a remarkable record to all members of the armed forces on Tuesday to remind them of their duty to maintain the constitution and reaffirm that President Joe Biden received. Choose to be Released on January 20

“The American people have entrusted to the US military to protect them and our constitution for almost 250 years, as we have done throughout history. Protect life and Property ensures the safety of citizens in accordance with the law and remains fully committed to defending and defending the United States Constitution against both domestic and foreign enemies. “The General and Admiral said in their memoirs.

The record condemned the January 6 attack on government agencies, when supporters of President Trump destroyed the building in a violent attack that resulted in the deaths of five.

“We have seen acts in parliament buildings that are inconsistent with the rule of law, the right to freedom of speech and assembly does not give anyone the right to violence, inciting and rebellion,”

; said the chief. Our nation’s values ​​and ideals support and defend the Constitution, any action that impedes the constitutional process is not just against our traditions, values ​​and vows. But still against the law “

The Joint Chief of Staff serves as the president’s chief military adviser and is typically still paralyzed. Although the record does not mention politics. But it is worth noting that the chiefs of the service felt that they needed to reaffirm the performance of military duties before taking office.

“On January 20, 2021, according to the constitution, confirmed by the state and court and endorsed by Congress, the elected President Biden will be inaugurated and will become the 46th commander of the military. We ”record continues.

Message signed by General Mark Milley, Co-Chief Chairman; General John Haitane, Vice President; General James McConville, Chief of Staff of the Army; General David Berger, Commander of the Marine Corps; Admiral Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations; General Charles Brown, Jr., Chief of Staff of the Air Force; General John Raymond, Chief of Space Operations; And General Daniel Hokanson, Head of the National Guard.

President Trump refused to accept the election until last week and has urged Republicans to try to overturn the election. The Jan.6 riots at City Hall occurred as Congress tally counted the college’s electorate certifying Mr Biden as the winner.

Supporters of the president continued to threaten the violence in the days prior to his inauguration. At least 10,000 national guards will be in the country’s capital to provide security for incidents following the attack.

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