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The judge denied a request for the bail to be revoked by the man arrested during the vote count in Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A judge denies bail requests for two men arrested during the voting process in Philadelphia in November.

The judge, however, sent Virginia residents Antonio LaMotta and Joshua Macias to trial on Thursday morning’s election interference charges.

The judge dismissed the Macias gun charge because he had a license to carry in his home state of Virginia.

LaMotta will be attending trial for carrying an unlicensed firearm.

The men had no comment as they entered the criminal justice center.

The Commonwealth has sought to revoke bail due to a town hall appearance during last week̵

7;s riots. But the judge rejected the move.

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Macias defense attorney William Brennan said his client had never violated government agencies.

“If the government provides evidence that our clients are in the building, I will withdraw as a consultant,” Brennan said.

LaMotta’s lawyers had no comment.

The two defendants were arrested in November after a law enforcement announcement prompted police to look for a Hummer coming to Philadelphia with someone intending to intervene in the vote count at the center. Pennsylvania

Both armed with handguns and assault rifles were found in Hummer just steps from the convention center.

Social media videos recorded by Macias before his arrest in court. In the video, Trump supporters urge veterans, law enforcement, and others not to give up, get involved and make sure the votes are counted every time.

But the Commonwealth has never shown evidence of bloody or violent intent.

“It would be a very different case if there was evidence for mass shooting,” said Assistant District Attorney Andrew Wellbrock.

The judge ordered the two to abstain from any such activity at the town hall or he would arrest them in contempt of court.

The pair are expected to return to court later this month.
Macias and LaMotta are not the only ones from our area who the authorities say may be involved in the Capitol Riot.

Thomas Baranyi, of Ewing, New Jersey, was arrested on Tuesday, nearly a week after international headlines about what he saw.

Baranyi admitted in a TV interview that he was with the rioters attacking the Capitol.

“Riot police came in and started to take out our sticks,” he said.

He told reporters he was actually next to fellow Rioter Ashli ​​Babbitt, a veteran of the Air Force when she was shot and killed by Capitol police inside the building.

“We broke into the room inside, and a young woman rushed through the window. Several police and espionage said, ‘Come back down and get out of the way.’ As we ran up to catch people and pull them back, they shot her in the neck, ”Barani said.

Federal officials used TV interviews as evidence in court.Baranyi was charged with disorderly conduct and severely restricted entry into the building.He was given a $ 100,000 bail.

As Baranyi was leaving the scene of the chaos on Wednesday, he told reporters he was unhappy with the election results and explained how he violated government agencies.
“We tore up the scaffolding, threw flash bags and tear gas, and pounced through the chambers, just trying to get into Congress or whoever we could enter and told them we needed an investigation,” Barani said. that.

Seven SEPTA officials are being investigated in Philadelphia after attending a rally of President Donald Trump ahead of the deadly riots, Action News has learned.

Thomas J.Nestel III, SEPTA Transport Police Chief, confirmed that an investigation was in place to determine whether the officer was involved in criminal behavior or violated departmental policies and did not join the protest.

“This is the correct first correction, they can do so if they choose. But what we are worried about is whether they are involved in criminal activity, ”Nestel said.

The Philadelphia Police Department’s Office of Internal Affairs is investigating whether detectives played a role in the riots.

Action News learned earlier this week that a detective was reportedly attended a rally to support President Trump ahead of the riots.

Philadelphia Police released a statement that “We are aware of a social media post accusing the Philadelphia Police Department detectives may have attended in the Washington, D.C. incident on Jan. 6, an IAB investigation has opened to determine that PPD” is not the case. Any detective violates the policy and if they are involved in any illegal activity while attending detective work there is a change pending the outcome of the investigation.

Philadelphia police are continuing to investigate potential threats in the area ahead of the presidential inauguration.

They are expected to provide more details on Thursday afternoon on the security efforts and say they are ready to bring additional backups if needed.

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