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The judge said the truck scholarship and large sums of money would go to vaccinate West Virginians.

Governor Jim Justice pledges an incentive reward for vaccinating West Virginia residents.

“We’re going to start drawing,” he said. “We’re going to start drawing lots for the big prizes.”

The governor said these would include a college scholarship, a 10 Rocky Ridge F-150 pickup truck and a cash prize.

The painting will begin on June 20, West Virginia Day.

“We’re going to build a few West Virginia millionaires before this time expires,” said the judge.

The judge said he was not yet ready to elaborate on all the details.

“We’ll give you the rules and everything on Tuesday,” he said.

The judge established an incentive for a $100 savings bond or gift card to encourage residents of the state ages 1

6-34 to get vaccinated. That’s part of a particular effort to keep young state residents vaccinated. Register at the website of the Governor’s Office.

Overall, 726,853 people in West Virginia were fully vaccinated according to the state’s coronavirus dashboard, and 895,755 people received at least one dose. which accounted for 50 percent of the total population.

The governor of West Virginia appears to want to compete with neighboring Ohio. In which 2.76 million adult residents participated in the first $1 million raffle, the Ohio drawing was held for five consecutive Wednesdays. Abbey Bugenske, 22, of Cincinnati, was the million-dollar winner. Ohio’s first

“We’re not going to let a state like Ohio move forward,” the judge said. “They were never ahead of us. and in my opinion They shouldn’t be.”

WV News correspondent Charles Young, asked for more details about the money that will be awarded to the Justice award, only offered a few more details.

“We still have old money in our CARES money from our first CARES money,” he said.

“We get paid according to the rules. And we have the ability to do this. We have these dollars covered.”

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