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The Knicks do not match Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets.

With all due respect, the Knicks sees what the true blue MVP looks like.

The Knicks didn’t do much in Denver on Wednesday other than wearing the unofficial crown to the head of nugget Nicola Jokic for the NBA’s next MVP.

Falling behind 28 points in the first half, the Knicks were forward wire-to-wide, losing 113-97 at the Ball Arena.

In the first quarter alone, Jokic crushed the Knicks inside by scoring 24-12 over them, reaching 32 and six assists in 29 minutes, giving him a drive and return.

Julius Randle, who had recently received a buzz MVP, pointed to a first-minute foul call that took their spirits down. But admit that the team has become sluggish


7;re not ready to play either, I won’t blame that. But we’re not ready to play yet. I dropped this one in the trash, ” Randle said after his sloppy 14-point evening.

Knicks (37-29) have not won in Mile High City since 2006, and they have often denied height as an issue. But there’s something in the air

“The first quarter we got into a big hole,” said Knicks coach Tom Thiboda. “Our bounce was bad all night long. It’s a challenging game. ”

Nikola Jokic, who scored 32 points, smashed home one match during the Knicks' 113-97 loss to the Nuggets.
Nikola Jokic, who scored 32 points, smashed home one match during the Knicks’ 113-97 loss to the Nuggets.
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It’s a shameful game. But perhaps the Knicks were due to the lethargic stench after coming into the game 12-1.

The scary part is that their lead over Atlanta was reduced to just half the game for the fourth place, and they are just two out of a formidable seventh seed, the top six avoiding a play-in match.

“Of course, it’s a game that needs to be abandoned. But the team felt, ” Centerner Lens Noel said. “The locker room is not the same. After the game, the man’s energy wasn’t there. ”

The first minute was disastrous when R.J. Barrett made two fouls, Noelle fouls and Thibodeau was flagged for fouls, Randle, Barrett and Thibodeau hit. Together with techniques

“Yes, and we can’t allow it on the road. There might be a tough call with us, ” Thibodeau said, “that’s what the road is.”

As brilliant as Jokic over the past three seasons, he has never scored 24 points in the opening frame before and the Knicks chased 34-12.It was the least scoring first quarter of the season.

“I have a lot of responsibility – I can change some of the looks,” said Noel. “He’s a tall, massive, strong player with tough rhythm. With his unorthodox play and what they let him get away with, he has a lot of tricks in his toolbox. ”

Not that the Knicks loss was going to happen. But their last six games were far too difficult, with Suns Clippers and Lakers finishing six Western swings before closing home against Spurs, Stan and the Celtics.

Austin Rivers added injury disdain to the Nuggets’ turnover after he dropped out with Thiboda and the messy exit took revenge as he punched six three-pointers from nine attempts.

Rivers finished with 25 highest points in the season in 28 minutes. River also had words with Randle at the end of the game.

“ I’m confident in Austin Rivers’ hearts, this is the team that let him go, ” said Denver coach Mike Malone, “ and I’m sure he’s pleased to help us the way he does tonight off the bench. ”

After he was second to the last 3, Rivers stared at the Knicks bench. Rivers fell out of the Knicks’ turnover and did not rejoin the team after the All-Star break resulted in a bitter divorce.

“I’ve known Austin since I was a kid,” Thibodeau said before the race. “He’s a great kid. It didn’t work because we had a chance to get Derrick. [Rose]That’s the only reason. I’m happy that he revolves here. ”

Rivers said, “It’s a good feeling to have. It’s as if they have my back. I don’t even want to go in [what happened]I have no attitude towards the Knicks. Actually, I am close with many of the men on the team. It was clear that things happened. I don’t want to bring that to light. Some things just don’t work That’s all I want to say, I have a lot that I can say. But now I don’t have enough time. ”

It was a nightmare night for Randle amidst the chatter of his own MVP, he was 0-for-5 from the last three while making six turnovers. Barrett was inevitable for his first seven matches and didn’t score until the middle of the third quarter.

The Nuggets stormed to 15-3 bulge and went 26-6 with 3:35 left in the first quarter when Thibodeau called out the time. The Knicks started 2 of 15 from the field as point guard Elfrid. Peyton tried very hard at the offensive.

Jokic entered a 5-for-5 start, hitting from depth and snatched a few offensive attacks – seemingly undeniable forces of nature.Jokic moved Noel and Taj Gibson off as if they were not at. that

“He had a great season,” Thibodeau said. “He’s a very talented player. You are not protecting him one by one. You are defending him together with your team. There are things we can do a little better. ”

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