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The Knicks’ NBA playoff fate is based on a terrifying moment.

The Knicks are riding their first six-game winning streak since their eight-game races in 2014, and they are suddenly in a better position to avoid playing situations in the NBA playoffs.

The swift surge, which the Knicks will look forward to expanding into another home game Tuesday night against the Hornets at the park, have set them up to the preferred sixth spot at the Knicks Eastern Conference. (31-27) was a 1⁄2 clean-up from the heat of the seventh ahead of Monday night’s Miami game against Houston – and just half the game, the Hawks and the Celtics tied for fourth.

The top six teams in each meeting are automatically eligible for the playoffs, with teams finishing 7th to 1

0th on the East and West side will need additional games to earn the last two moves.

The casting has been more attention than the start for Tom Thibodeau and the Knicks, a franchise that has missed all 14 playoffs in the previous 18 seasons and every year since his last appearance in 2013.

The last 14 games of the table still have a collection of formidable opponents for the Knicks. Only their May 2 game in Houston involved opponents who did not compete for 10th place in the convention.

Tom Thibodeau talks to Taj Gibson and Derrick Rose.
Tom Thibodeau talks to Taj Gibson and Derrick Rose.
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Play-in matches will focus on teams that finish seventh and eighth, with each team having to win one additional game after the regular season is over to be eligible to play in the season.

The two teams will face off at the home of the seventh club, with the winner qualifying for the seventh playoff team.The loser will face the winner in a matchup between the teams that finished ninth and tenth for 8th place with the playoffs of 16 teams will start on May 22.

While Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had attacked the playstyle last week – after a push in the off-season – Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau believes there are “a lot of benefits” in the set-up, which are designed to provide a “multitasking benefit”. More teams compete later in the season.

“I guess it depends on what perspective you look at,” Thibodeau said last week. He mentioned when he first voted for it to be all helpful. And we can see that I think everyone feels the same way.

“I think we have to let it work out first and then evaluate it again. But I think a lot of the teams are involved in big games, I think that’s good for the league. ”

Veterans Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson are the only players on the Knicks roster to have appeared in at least 20 playoff games of their careers, appearing in 45 and 66 respectively Julius Randle. The top scorer has not played a semi-finals in his profile over seven seasons of the NBA.

“I choose my point. I just got into the team as a newcomer and just got a feel for everyone, ”Rose recently said. Very nice details on what we need to do and get ahead of every game. So I let him worry about that. “

Still, Thibodeau said Rose, 32, took on more vocal leadership roles during his second term in New York.Rose and Gibson had previously played for Thibodeau in both Chicago and Minnesota.

“Whenever I feel compelled to comment or be vocal, I pick and choose when I have to,” Rose said. “I don’t want them to look like I’m coming to BS or anything like that. I just want to win … So we have to go out and make sure we take care of the business, play as hard as we can and see if we can win as much as possible. ”

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