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The Knicks’ Tom Thibodeau is definitely the NBA’s best coach.

Monty Williams can still get the trophy he wants, Quin Snyder, too. The Suns and the Jazz are still playing for this year’s NBA championship, and that’s the goal that fuels the 30 men he earns. Career as head coach in the league

Soon it will be Tom Thibodeau’s Holy Grail again too.

For now though? Voters got this right. Tom Thibodeau served as the best coach in the NBA this year and, frankly, wasn’t even close. The Knicks have been light on tires for two decades. They are expected to learn how to perform and play professionally under Thibodeau this year in order to move forward and represent the professional outfit.

But Thibodho taught them something else too.

He taught them how to win. He pushed them every night. urge them to play together insist that they embrace all His message resounded. The Knicks flirted with .500 most of the year, then went on an extraordinary run in the final month of the regular season. They finished fourth 41

-31 in the East. Even the acolytes of the Knicks who received the truth serum would never have guessed.

The Knicks’ Tom Thibodeau was named NBA Coach of the Year on Monday.

“I know what this team means to the city,” said the 63-year-old Thibodaux. “This means a lot to me. So there is a group we have this year. how they sacrificed and played for each other

“Whenever we fail the next day They will return with determination and willingness to succeed.”

and Thibodaux designed it. What he accomplished in all 72 regular-season games was slightly overshadowed by the Knicks’ poor look against the Hawks in the playoffs. Although the Falcons’ performance in Philadelphia on Sunday should have eased some lingering frustrations.

He hasn’t hit 1,000 this year; He buried Austin Rivers, who was able to help the Knicks last week as he helped Denver advance. He was attached to Elfrid. too long peyton and instead of Derrick Rose was ultimately the backup when he moved. he started him and may help him exhaustion

But perfection is not a coach’s job.

professionalism is As an established, preached, practice, the Knicks have been a joke for 20 years in a row. They are no longer a joke. We’ll see what the next steps will yield. But what we have seen clearly tells the story: Coaches make a huge difference.

And it seems that Thibodeau was really impressed. Joining two other Knicks coaches to win the award: Pat Riley and Red Holzman, who led Thibodeau’s young Knicks to the franchise’s only two wins.

“That’s my hero,” he said.

It’s still believed voters will reward Snyder for season-long western Utah domination. or Williams for Phoenix’s rise in the West after 10 seasons without playoff rounds. And if they have, they can be prevented. They are title contenders and the team doesn’t train themselves.

That would be the benchmark for Thibodeau again as it was 10 years ago when he first won with the Bulls. For now, he is known for kicking the mud out of the franchise foundation. And turn on the light again at the garden Better for the voters, better for Thibodeau.

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