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The LEGO Mario firmware update made him start urging Luigi.

After this week’s firmware update, LEGO Mario has begun calling on his long-lost brother Luigi, who has not officially received the LEGO treatment, according to Eurogamer, a picture of this brilliance if. There’s a bit of a bit of spooky marketing appearing on Twitter thanks to the likes @AyliffeMakit Which shows LEGO Mario waking up from a snooze and calling Luigi IGN confirmed that this method works and will only happen if you update the LEGO Mario firmware, let him go into play mode. Sleep after a while and then wake him up. It took me about 20 times to make Luigi calls, so keep going!

Responding to Facebook comments on a video about this update, LEGO said, “It’s a very creative way to get the missing brother. We noticed LEGO Mario has started calling him. We are investigating. Take the exam and hope it is clear. As to why this is so, please be patient! “

It looks like all of this, but it’s confirmed that Luigi will be joining Mario as LEGO soon.Since its release in 2020, LEGO has been supporting the Mario line with new expansion packs and more, and adding Luigi at some point is unlikely. Surprise

This news comes shortly after the infamous “Day Mario Died,” culminating in Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary celebration. Who knew Mario has gone off the beaten track now, Nintendo might be preparing for another year! Obviously we were joking … unless?If you’re still on the fence whether you want to invest in LEGO Mario, be sure to check out our impressions of the really awesome scenes … on click.

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