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The Lenovo Android tablet apparently supports HDMI input.

Android tablets aren’t as relevant as they used to be, but at least Lenovo does a good job of trying to make them serve more than one purpose. After launching an Android tablet that doubled as Google Assistant speakers last year, it looks like Lenovo is preparing to release another tablet that supports HDMI input.

Seen by XDAA post on Weibo from Lenovo teased an Android-powered tablet with a dedicated HDMI input port.The device was clearly shown to be used as a big screen for the connected Nintendo Switch.

Few details about the device But there’s a little bit of context to it. The post is submitted from the Lenovo Yoga account, with the strong implication that it will be part of that product line. This is not surprising, as Lenovo is always experimenting with unique concepts under this brand, and tablets sold under this brand have a built-in kickstand, which is ideal for this kind of use-case. It also tells us that it̵

7;s possible this was the same “Yoga X” device that was leaked about a year ago, with the use cases of the external monitor clearly stating at the time.

There are quite a few tablets out there with some form of HDMI output, but the input is hardly unheard of for Android tablets.Still, it’s a very simple and useful concept, especially in today’s landscape. Where working from home is common A tablet that can function as a wired secondary monitor is very useful, and ultimately offers better functionality and value than a dedicated portable monitor.

It is not clear when Lenovo plans to officially reveal this device in addition to a Weibo post or where it will be released.

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