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The Los Angeles Lakers’ Caldwell-Pope Kentavious every day with a slight bruising on the left knee.

LOS ANGELES – A day after the Los Angeles Lakers defended Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s bruised left quad. Forcing him to quit LA’s first semi-final against the Phoenix Suns in Game 3, injuries showed a slight improvement in symptoms and an MRI provided on Friday revealed no tearing. And there was no structural damage to the left knee, the source told ESPN.

He’s a day-to-day with what the Lakers call Friday, a little bruise on the left knee.

Caldwell-Pope exited the Lakers’ 109-95 win on Thursday with 4 minutes remaining 16 seconds in the third quarter after Suns defender Devin Booker retreated to him while dribbling touched the defender’s leg and Make him fall to the floor.

“I immediately felt the pain when he hit me and it stretched,”

; Caldwell-Pope said afterward. “And it hurts enough that I can’t finish the game.”

Caldwell-Pope It will look at how his legs respond to rest and treatment on Saturday, and then a decision will be made about his status for Sunday’s Game 4 (3:30 ET, ABC), a source told ESPN.

Caldwell-Pope It finished with five points, four rebounds and two steals on Thursday. For the series, he averaged just 4 points on 22.2% shots (8% of 3), 3.3 rebounds and 1.3 per game, a big drop from a season where he averaged 9.7 points from 43.1. % From the field and 41% from outside.

Toward the end of Game 2, with Caldwell-Pope shooting 0-for-4 tonight, game broadcast cameras showed LeBron James facing Caldwell-Pope. By begging him to keep taking pictures when he was open

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said that while L.A. was more focused on their long-range talent, Caldwell-Pope But his defensive activities in Booker are of the utmost importance in the series.

“His main role is to protect and run on the ground and keep that distance when two teams come and some nights there will be a lot of shots, some not,” Vogel said. Be confident in what he does. “

After scoring 65 points from the first two games of the series, Booker was kept in review in Game 3 for a total of 19 points in 6-for-19 shots and four turnovers before being sacked at the last minute. For a 2 foul against Dennis Schroeder.

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