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The mayor of Honolulu was Blangiardi. ‘Die with’ a city that will return to tier 2 despite more cases

Mayor Rick Blangiardi, “dead,” canceled plans to reopen the city back to Level 2 as the number of new cases in Honolulu still approaches the two-week average of 50 cases per day.

The city’s current weekly average is 59 new per day. According to the level system, if the weekly mean of the new patients exceeds 50 for more than two weeks, Honolulu should be shifted back to Level 2, allowing for a maximum of five gatherings compared to 10 and limiting the gym to. Has 25% of the 50% capacity allowed in Level 3

According to figures, Honolulu is expected to reach that threshold, moving back to level 2 on Wednesday to keep Oahu below the 50-patient-a-day weekly average. The next two days

However, Blangiardi explained during today̵

7;s news conference that when the system, created under Mayor Kirk Caldwell, was designed assuming the vaccine would not be available until the summer or fall of 2021, but the state had provided the vaccine. Approximately 675,000 doses

“I think our cases are valuable when they are set in a very different set of considerations when they create layers,” he said.

“The number of floors previously built might be too low. I have requested a level 3 shift to 50 to 100 cases. I think we can be within the range of the optimism rate around (2.5%). ”

Blangiardi spoke with Gov. David Ige about being in Level 3, but it was unclear how to decide.

Ige said in Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Spotlight Hawaii today that most Blangiardi will decide whether Honolulu will return to Tier 2.

However, at a press conference that day, he pointed to Oahu’s emergency injunction saying the city would be urged to pursue a number of cases. According to the order, Oahu would remain in tier 3 until May 10, 2017. Ige explained that the city could choose to ignore its current urban order. Instead, adjust the level system to give the city more time to explore options.

“It may be necessary to revise his order so it will not be automated,” he said.

“The order is now written to arrive on Wednesday the number of consecutive Wednesdays has to be executed.”

If Blangiardi wants to amend the level system, he will have to submit a petition to the governor’s office and Ige will have to approve.

One of Ige’s main concerns is an increase in cases, which could mean more forms of COVID-19 epidemic.

“What is often missed is that with these increases in the number of cases, there are more opportunities for different types of cases,” Ige said.

Blangiardi agrees that he cannot argue with the risks of different forms. But said it was still a “speculation” and warned people that he was not an epidemiologist.

He encouraged people to continue to adhere to the Level 3 rules, wearing masks and spacing.

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