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The Mets lost the crusher to the Rays when the win Streak ended at seven.

St. Petersburg, Florida – A winning streak built on strong pitching and ample offensive runs ran out on Friday night as the Mets’ bat fell silent and the bulls dwindled.

Of course, Jonathan Villar was very popular. But two homer runs alone can’t be expected to take over the team. The Mets withered and their seven-game winning streak was announced dead in Brett Phillips’ RBI single game against Aaron Loop in a 3-2 loss to Ray. Tropicana Field

Miguel Castro loaded the bases in the ninth before the Loup-handed came in to take off Joey Wendle for the second hit. Phillips ended up with one field to the right.

“We are not going to view this as a huge failure,”

; said manager Luis Rojas. “It is another misery that we haven’t won this time.”

David Peterson had his best performance of the season, entering the eighth period before the Rays hit him two rounds.Manuel Margot’s RBI was double with Trevor May, with two points in a 2-2 draw for Peterson. No decision

Aaron Wolf
Aaron Loup left the field after retiring from the RBI single on Friday’s Mets loss to the Rays.

Mike Sunino launched a homer to the left field leading into the inning, firing a straight 17-ball defensive line at Peterson retired Kevin Padlo, followed by two scoring positions. After Peterson rebounded to strike off right-hander Phillips May came in to retire Randy Arosarena, but Margot’s shot along the third baseline gave the run a run.

“Our biggest goal at this opportunity was Arozarena,” Rojas said, when asked if he thought to remove Peterson before Padlo kicked it. “We are comfortable with Peterson and his pitching count and the pre-match. This page where he met those three battles. We thought of the top and we know they have some guys who can come in and pinch the beat … we want it to be the same, Petey throws well and the success he already has compared to the order. “

The Mets took the lead in the ninth period after Kevin Pillar split up to fight the change and Villar arrived at Willie Adams’ error. But James McCann was stripped of a weak first base position on the first pitch he saw from Pete Fairbanks.

Tyler Glasnow and the Rays bullpen limit Mets, who are 0-for-4 with runners in six-place scoring positions.

Peterson over 7 ¹ / ₃ innings allowed four hits and two walks with nine hits. He left after 93 pitches, an outing being the longest of his season, easily surpassing six start-ups against the Phillies and Red Sox.

Glasnow retired 14 straight batteries to start the game before Pillar arrived on a solo pitch with two in the fifth game. Villar followed by a shot into the right seat for the season’s second homer.

The Mets turned against Peterson in a strong defense. On the third time, Villar’s dive stopped near the third baseline and threw first. (Lap by Petholonso) denied Arosarena led the strike in the fourth period, Jose Paraza ran into the shallow right field – he was shifted the other way – and turned his back on the pitch, causing Adames to emerge. Come up

Peterson escaped the problem in the 30-second innings by shooting Padolo and Phillips in a row after following Adams and Sunino to load the base, Yandy Diaz doubled the lead.

Margot split up with Peterson on the first chance. But was thrown away by McCann trying to steal a second time. He’s the fifth runner McCann has thrown in 15 attempts to steal him this season.

“Then, in the second innings, we threw a lot of fastballs at them in the last few innings,” Peterson said. “I think having your fastball order it all started with. Fastball – the ability to pitch that to hit and have the confidence to pitch it. “

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