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The minister is expected to lift more restrictions as the virus epidemic rate continues to decline.

The minister is expected to approve further easing of the coronavirus blockade, increase the number of people allowed to gather in public, and lift the requirement for some students to study in small groups at schools.

With current restrictions set to expire at midnight, the coronavirus cabinet, a committee that sets out policies in dealing with COVID-19, will hold a telephone vote in the evening on the new easing proposed by the Ministry of Health.

The new measures, expected to take effect Thursday, include increasing the number of people allowed to gather outside from 50 to 100, according to Hebrew media reports, expected to limit people indoors. Get 20 people

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It is also expected that cultural venues will be allowed to host up to 750 people under the Green Pass program, up from the current limit of 500.

The Green Pass is given to people who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from the coronavirus and are unable to enter public places.

People love artist Ivri Lider at a concert hosted by the Tel Aviv Municipality at Bloomfield Stadium on March 5, 2021 (Miriam Alster / FLASH90).

In recent months, Israel has significantly lifted restrictions on the coronavirus by opening businesses, venues and other events as illness levels drop amid the country’s leading vaccination stream.

In addition, ministers are reportedly voting on Wednesday to raise requirements for some students to learn in “pods”.

The pod system, which limits the number of students who can study together, will be discontinued for classes in grades 11-12, where the vaccination rate is over 65 percent of students, down from the current requirement of 90 percent, Haaretz reported. It was canceled for all schools participating in the “Education Shield” program, which required students to have a weekly coronavirus test.

This move will reduce the pressure on schools to provide separate classrooms for each group, allowing other students to continue partially from home to return to school more often.

But in a statement released Wednesday afternoon, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who chaired the Blue and White party, said the proposed measure had not gone far enough, urging more students to be allowed to return to full school. time

Despite preliminary estimates that pods will be canceled for 4th graders other than the 1st-3rd graders returning to school this week without a pod system, the minister is not expected. Vote on the move on Wednesday.

“An agreement must be reached immediately between Education Ministry and health Ministries in the outline immediately followed [lifting of the pod requirement] This will maximize the teaching power for fifth and sixth grades, ”Blue & White said in a statement, threatening to allow all current restrictions to expire if proposals are not approved. consider

Israeli students go to school in Icad Mordechai, March 7, 2021 (Flash90).

The easing of the restrictions came as infection rates continued to decline, both among students and among broader populations.

According to the Ministry of Public Health on March 10, the infection rate among primary school children in grades 1 to 4 was six per 1,000 children as of April 4, the figure dropped to just 0.5 per 10,000 children.

The latest infection numbers show steady improvement over the past two months, largely as a result of a vaccination campaign. Its success comes despite the increasing spread of the virus and the gradual escalation of restrictions.

According to the Health Ministry, only 376 new cases were diagnosed on Tuesday, representing a 0.7% positive rate from more than 57,000 tests. 0.63 at the beginning of the week

The total number of cases in Israel since the epidemic was 835,104, with 4,888 cases, with 6,261 deaths.

Sharon Alroy-Preis during the January 2021 briefing (video screenshot).

The ministry said on Wednesday that 5,286,023 Israelis had received at least one vaccine and 4,878,839 had both.

Despite the drop in infection rates, Health Ministry chief health officer Dr Sharon Alroy-Pris said on Wednesday that Israel remained “in battle” against the spread of the disease and warned. Of the need to be vigilant

Speaking to news site Ynet, Alroy-Preis said there were still “Many external threats can be developed here”, which is a clear reference to viral strains that may have avoided the protection provided by the vaccine.

And she adds, “More than a third of the country has not yet got vaccinated… it’s not in time for us, it’s not over.”

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