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Have I Been Pwned is already an important resource that you can use to know if your information and passwords have been exposed in breach. But now it has received some important improvements. Troy creator Hunt has launched an open source project. give others a way “Roll own services” and hopefully increase the availability of this tool.



If you haven’t registered yet You just enter your email address or phone number. And if such information is found in the information left by the hacker, it may be of use to you. You will receive a notification. Combined with a password manager to enable unique passwords everywhere. The same is true for using two-factor authentication. It will help make your online experience more secure. Another way to upgrade is a new agreement with the FBI so that when they find a compromised password as part of their investigation The information will enter HIBP and the account holder will be notified.

— Richard Lawler

The PS5 exclusive is also due out later this year.

Horizon Forbidden West

guerrilla game

Looking for more new games to showcase what your console can do? Guerilla Games has been working hard on the sequel to the 2017 hit PS4. Horizon Zero Dawnand on this Thursday Gamers have hinted at what to expect from Horizon Forbidden WestFor 14 minutes, you’ll watch hero Aloy travel through the post-apocalyptic West Coast landscape. As she tries to find the source of the red plague spreading across the land,

The fresh gameplay showcases new undersea mechanics and enemies, such as Tremor Tusk, a gigantic mechanical mammoth. Aloy has also been riding a velociraptor-type robot for a while. Guerilla isn’t ready to reveal a release date yet. But at least you can now see the gaming world in 4K.
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was able to land safely.

NASA Ingenuity


Cameras improperly processing erroneous frames doesn’t seem like a big problem. But if you’re a drone flying on another planet 207 million miles from home, that’s a serious problem. Fortunately, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter was able to successfully complete its sixth flight despite the malfunction. The error removed the timestamp from the Mars copter navigation images. causing the algorithm to fall out. and make an effort “correct its flight path” continuously In the last moment of the flight The copter ignores the camera feed. Stand still and touch the ground as planned.
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How much will you pay for some extra features?



$2.99/month in-app purchases for “Twitter Blue” will appear in the company’s iOS App Store list, although the feature is not yet fully enabled. An update by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong previously revealed details on “Twitter Blue.” But the company didn’t provide many details about the price or the features that might be included.

According to a photo shared by Wong, the service has an “undo tweet” and “reader mode” feature that makes it easier to view long threads. It also adds additional customization options such as new app icons.
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Up to eight hours of battery life with noise cancellation on.

Yesterday was the LeBron and the unreleased Beats earbuds. And today we’re talking about Sony’s next set of earbuds, a German outlet. We’ve shared official renders of the WF-1000XM4 headphones and details about the new V1 processor to offer.

The chip will reportedly have better noise canceling performance. Support for Sony’s Bluetooth LDAC codec and better battery life. Rumor has it their handbags will add Qi wireless charging, while the Buds themselves fix a feature missing from the current model with IPX4 waterproofing, meaning they won’t have any sweaty problems.
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