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The most profitable signals in Bitcoin are back and they are about to begin.

Bitcoin price is still down 40% from recent highs, leaving investors faced with the reality that a bull market could end. And while the fear and sell-off associated with it trembles even the strongest of hands. But those who are still holding them can reap huge profits.

That’s because even though things seem like a big downside right now for crypto, the most profitable buy signal in Bitcoin history is about to begin. This is what it means and why the last signal in each bull market is the strongest among all the signals.

Bitcoin Hash Ribbons Show Miners Surrender buy signal is coming

The First Cryptocurrency Has Recorded Highest Profits It tripled in value within the first three months of the year. Markets adjust and cause chaos among newcomers to volatile asset classes.

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7;s FUD Recently This is an uptrend for Bitcoin.

More than 50% were fired from Bitcoin prices just days after local highs – downside enough to question if. top of the bull market itself Many indicators say this. But the masses reject the opportunity – $100,000 BTC or bankruptcy.

However, those with stubbornly stubborn diamond hands may end up profiting their weight in precious gems.

bitcoin hash ribbon 2021

The hash ribbons are about to trigger a buy signal | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

What does the most profitable signals in Crypto mean for Bull Run?

The chart above shows “hash ribbons” created by crypto fundamentals expert Charles Edwards, who now indicate BTC miners are giving up.

during the sale Miners would be forced to sell their coins to fund their operations. In theory, Edwards’ tools would indicate what was going on. It also has the very fortunate side effect of being the most profitable buy signal in crypto history.

bitcon hash ribbons most profitable signals ever

The last signal of each bull market is the most powerful | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

In the past, the last buy signal of each round led to another 8,000% and 3500% respectively. Each round had a large buy signal before the final. But it is the last signal that gives an indicator of the reputation of profitability.

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Past buy signals from the current market cycle all resulted in some laudable upside. After December 2018, Botton BTC was up 300% and the latest signals resulted in a return of over 500%.

with a digital currency priced at $35,000 per coin And now it’s close to triggering a big buy signal. How much more cryptocurrencies can climb?

The chart above shows an example that only 1000% is needed to reach $300,000 per BTC – ROI less than what hash ribbons pre-called during the past bull run.

Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from TradingView.com

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