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The murder of a former cop in the death of George Floyd goes to a jury.

After closing the arguments, Judge Peter Cahill rejected the defense request for prosecution based on comments by California representative Maxine Waters that protesters could face more if they were not found guilty.

The judge told Chauvin’s attorneys: “Congresswoman Waters may give you something to appeal that could result in the whole trial to fail.” He added: “I hope the elected officials will stop. Speak of this case, especially in a manner that does not respect the rule of law and against the judiciary. “

Chauvin, 45, was charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree murder, all of which wanted the jury to conclude his actions were The “major causal factor”

; in Floyd’s death and his use of force was unreasonable.

The most serious charges carry a sentence of up to 40 years in prison.

“Use your common sense. Trust your eyes. What you see, you see, ”prosecutor Steve Schleicher said in closing the argument, referring to a video of Floyd standing on the sidewalk with Chauvin’s knee on or near his neck for up to 9 minutes 29 seconds. While an observer shouted at Staff will be down

Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson responded by arguing that Chauvin did what a reasonable police officer would do after finding himself in a “dynamic” and “slippery” situation involving a big man fighting three officers. people

As Nelson began speaking, the now fired Chauvin removed his COVID-19 mask in front of a jury as one of the few times during the trial.

As the case was about to close, some stores were boarded in Minneapolis. The court was surrounded by concrete walls and razor wire, and members of the National Guard were patrolling. Floyd’s death last spring sparked protests in cities and across the United States, which at times turned violent.

The city has also become popular in recent days as police fired 20-year-old Daunte Wright in a nearby suburb on April 11.

A few hundred people gathered outside the court shortly after the jury lined up in the back, reading the banner “Justice for George Floyd and the whole stolen life. The world is watching “

Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell had the final speech on Monday, proposing a controversial state argument. The prosecutor, who is black, said questions about the use of force and the cause of death were “very easy for children to understand”.

“In fact, a kid got this when a 9-year-old said, ‘Get out of him,’” Blackwell said, referring to a young witness who opposed what she saw. “ Get out of him. ” Smarts. ”

Under the law, the police have the latitude to use force and their actions should be judged based on what. “Sane officials” in the same situation will do.

Nelson noted that the officer who first went to the corner shop, where Floyd was accused of trying to pass a fake $ 20 bill, was struggling with Floyd when Chauvin arrived as a backup. The defense attorney also noted that the first two officers at the scene were rookies and police were told Floyd may have been drug-related.

“A reasonable police officer understands the intensity of the fight,” Nelson said, noting that Chauvin’s camera and identity were knocked out of his chest.

Nelson also showed a jury picture of the drug found in Floyd’s SUV, and the debris found in the team’s car.Fentanyl and methamphetamine were found in Floyd’s system.

The defense attorneys said the prosecution’s failure to recognize that a medical or drug problem played a role “challenging medical science and challenging common sense and rationale”.

During the prosecution’s argument, Schleicher replayed parts of the video by bystanders and other footage, while he rejected some of the defense theories about Floyd’s death as “nonsense,” he said. Kill Floyd by strangling.

Schleicher rejected the overdose argument, as well as the argument that police were lured by hostile observers, saying Floyd had the strength that He was “superhuman” from a state of agitation called delirium, and he was poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Prosecutors refer to the cynical idea that the heart attack that killed Floyd was. “Miraculous coincidence”

“Is that common sense or nonsense,” Schleicher asked the jury.

His fellow prosecutors, Blackwell, rejected the defense theory that Floyd died of an inflated heart: “The truth of the matter is that George Floyd’s death was because of your heart. Chao Win is too small “

Previously, Schleicher explained that Chauvin ignored Floyd’s cry and continued to kneel against him after he stopped breathing and had no pulse. Chauvin “was on top of him for 9 minutes and 29 seconds and he had to know,” Schleicher said. “He had to know. ”

He said Chao Win heard Floyd “but he didn’t listen.”

Prosecutors said Floyd “posed no threat to anyone” and did not attempt to escape when he fought the authorities. Instead, he was afraid to be locked in the back seat of a team car instead.

He said the officers fit Chauvin’s training and experience – he was a 19-year Minneapolis police veteran – should scale the situation properly.

Chauvin, dressed in a light gray suit with a blue shirt and blue tie, made a slight expression as he watched himself and the other officers pinned Floyd to the ground on a body cam video played by his lawyer. He bent his head sideways and occasionally leaned forward to write on a notepad.

One unidentified woman occupying a single seat was set in a courtroom with an epidemic area for Chauvin supporters.

Floyd’s brother Philonis represented the family in court as he often had during the trial.

Schleicher also noted that Chauvin needed his training to provide Floyd medical care, but the bystanders denied assistance from on-duty doctors and refused advice from staff. Else to get Floyd to come in on the side.

“He should have listened to people who didn’t bye. He can listen to fellow officers. He was able to listen to his training, he knew better, he wasn’t doing better, ”Schleicher said.

“Conscious indifference, indifference, do you want to know how indifference and sound sounded?” Schleicher asked before playing Chauvin’s video, replied “Uh-huh” several times as Floyd cried out.

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