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The NBA memorandum details plans to test COVID-19 on game days in all 28 cities.

While the NBA continues to deal with the reality of trying to play the 2020-21 regular season amid the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the league has delivered detailed records to the teams on Wednesday night. Plans to try to supplement existing tests for the player and Referees with localized game-date testing in all 28 NBA cities.

The memo, a copy obtained by ESPN, asks each team to spend the next two days searching for a local testing provider. The league plans to discuss those findings with the team over the weekend, with the aim of starting a special test next week. The aim is to find a local polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing provider that can perform at least 40 tests ̵

1; enough to handle players on both teams, including the referee for the night. Which can be gathered in the morning of the game. And come back at least an hour before tip

The PCR test is more accurate than the rapid test. But takes longer to process

While BioReference, which manages the two daily tests that the NBA already uses (PCR and Rapid Test), will continue to be the league’s testing service, the objective of finding local tests in every city is to provide Sure in If there is a shipping issue, the test has a backup option to ensure everyone is clear on joining the game that night.

Under the current system for players or referees to participate in the game, they needed a negative PCR test from the day before the game and a negative quick test from the morning of the game. For example, players and referees participating in Thursday’s game between the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers will be required to have a negative PCR test on Wednesday and a negative rapid test on Thursday morning.

The reason PCR tests were done the other day is because there is approximately 12 hours to be performed on those tests, so results often come overnight. However, in cities with BioReference laboratories, those results can be changed faster.

Further testing comes in the wake of the wake of the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association agreeing on Tuesday to tighten the league’s health and safety regulations, which include shutting down rooms from non-team guests to top hotels. More roads Use of masks and additional time limits for team meetings and player contacts. All of this is underway as the NBA struggles to play the season during the ongoing outbreak that continues to rage across the country and has significantly disrupted the league’s schedule over several days. Past

The NBA has postponed nine games this season, including eight this week alone. Three people are set for Wednesday: Orlando Magic at the Boston Celtics; Utah Jazz at Washington Wizards; And the Atlanta Hawks at the Phoenix Suns.

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