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The new airship map among us brings heat with new ways to play.

It’s an exciting time for those in our midst. (Or want to get back into the game) since the new airship maps dropped last week. The hugely popular social twist game took off recently, and while it gained a lot of followers, But I’ve been successful on three different maps for a while. The airship has helped keep this game a new experience for players for a long time, not just because it’s new. But also because it asks you to play quite differently than the old maps.

It’s the biggest map But the narrow passageways and a number of single routes make navigating difficult. It̵

7;s so huge and maze where the game lets players choose one of three points when they start their round in the match. Understanding what is around each spawn becomes part of your strategy for both your teammates and impostors, and revealing those complexities makes discovering the airship a lot of fun.

The important thing to note about the map’s spawn point is that when shown on the screen to select the background, the icon shows you where it is on the map, eventually you will become familiar with the name and location. Of these rooms But for shorthand purposes, these rooms are also ordered in a way that indicates their general position. (Left, Center, Right) Teammates should have a nearby job as soon as the competition begins. But as the competition progresses, you’ll have to remember where the rest of your work is.

The airship suggests some new jobs as well. You’ll have a toggle, a garbage disposal, a color-coded wire connection, and so on.However, you’ll notice that the download and upload type purpose has a new second step – moving around the mobile phone on the screen. To find the right location to get a better signal for faster upload speed. In the cargo compartment, teammates may have a secure unlock mission where you must expose that lock through trial and error. In the locker room, teammates may be tasked with picking up a dirty towel and throwing it into the barricade properly, and in the armory you may need to pick up a gun and place it on the wall. It is really such a ridiculous among us that you might expect and get kicked out.

When uploading information, you have to go out and search for signs.  Hopefully the impostor doesn't catch you outside.
When uploading information, you have to go out and search for signs. Hopefully the impostor doesn’t catch you outside.

With all these new missions spread over complex maps, what is remarkable in the new map design is that there is a greater risk of killing a teammate as an imposter. As the corridors are tighter and shuffle you to specific locations, the keen eyesight of teammates can more easily deduce who the murderer is if they stumble and report the corpse and pay close attention. With those who might pass by At least in the early days of airship tends to be less ambiguous if you try to act normally like an impostor with a nearby teammate.

At the same time, the lucky impostor or with a great situational awareness has many opportunities to get away from murder. The sheer size of the airship means that the corpses may pile up easily before anyone even begins to notice them. In my experience, fewer teammates were grouped as objectives were spread widely, and on-site navigation and coverage were slightly more difficult without open spaces and less important room connections.

The passageways between key chambers can be difficult to navigate, providing many opportunities for attack.
The passageways between key chambers can be difficult to navigate, providing many opportunities for attack.

Another small design option But it works sometimes, it’s just placing the meeting room at the top of the map with one route. This makes it difficult to reach due to the airship’s sheer size – so if you’re curious about your fellow players and need to speak up, or if you know You have been chased by an impostor and you have not found the draft to report, you should move on. And of course the deliberation process can be messy and can be deceiving as usual

What really boils down to is that the Airship maintains Among Us’ core concepts, but can challenge you to act, move, and think differently than the previous three maps. I would say that’s a good thing because it can liven up the gameplay and social media, especially for people playing with a consistent group. This leads to new ways to experience the tension you had the first few times playing it. But if you haven’t joined this new map yet, then there’s a more reason to give it a try if you’re willing to deal with the stress of being able to team up with Among Us’ good games.

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