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The new COVID-19 treatment is now available in Tennessee.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WRKN) – A new treatment called Monoclonal Antibody Treatment is now available in Tennessee for COVID-19, and Governor Bill Lee is urging Tennessee residents to test positive for COVID-19 contact. Their health care provider immediately asks for a therapy.

“We had them very effective, especially during this time before we were vaccinated for our aging population,” Lee said.

Treatment works best when given early in the infectious process, before the symptoms of COVID-19 worsen to the point of requiring hospitalization.

Infectious disease physician Tracy Osborne with TriStar Southern Hills Hospital describes the treatment:

“Not a vaccine. It is a fusion of antibodies. [similar to] Soldiers sent to fight the virus attached to these thorny proteins prevent the virus from entering the cell and infecting it, ”said Dr. Osborne.

Dr. Lisa Piercy, State Health Commissioner, reflects on the effectiveness.

“These therapies are 85% to 90% more effective in preventing the progression of severe disease,”

; said Dr. Pearsey.

Monoclonal Antibodies are not available to everyone in Middle Tennessee, Osborn says, that the patient must be over 65 and over 55 with a pre-existing condition, anyone with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 35, or People whose immune systems have been compromised or are undergoing immunotherapy.

The outpatient procedure takes two hours.

“You started IV, you got the drug for an hour,” says Osborne. “They watched you at the clinic for an hour. And you will go home. “

New way to treat the virus that helps more than COVID-19 patients

“We’re not just helping people get better faster. But it has to be out of the hospital, ”explains Osborne,“ but by doing so, we take the pressure off our hospital and the very hard-working healthcare workers.

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