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The new Google ad spreads a simple and true vaccine message, said Guy Benson, senior health officials.

Last week saw a series of easing messaging problems for CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Monday. “The impending punishment” over the rising crime rates in some parts of the country, “I’m afraid,” she said, her voice boisterous. Although the cases are increasing overall But most of America’s most vulnerable citizens have been vaccinated, fortunately, less worrying than the previous rapid rise. That evening, Valensky stepped out of her ominous cloud of doom to convey the wonderful news that the overwhelmingly unvaccinated people – and therefore not sent – COVID, confirms that. The delay of further evidence to support this assertion.

Then walk back:

The health agency clarified a statement on Thursday. “The evidence is unclear,” and Walensky “spoke broadly.” “It is possible that some people who are fully vaccinated may be infected with the COVID-19 virus,” a CDC spokesperson told the New York Times. “Evidence is unclear whether they can spread the virus to others. We are continuing to assess the evidence. “

Vaccines are remarkably effective, but they are not 100 percent effective. We all know this. The evidence seems pretty clear that the overwhelming possibility for people who get the vaccine is that they won’t get sick from COVID and won’t contract or spread either. That’s why Walensky made her initial statement. That wasn’t coming from nowhere, but the very cautious CDC decided to muddy the waters due to an unusual exception to the incredibly delightful overall rule. This is very silly, especially when it comes to the perception of suspected Americans of vaccines. Next is the CDC’s commitment that vaccinated people can travel with a very low risk to themselves or others. (Because again, the vaccine works amazingly well):

Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 They can travel safely both locally and internationally as long as they take basic precautions such as wearing masks, federal health officials announced Friday.The long-awaited shift comes from the dire government warnings that have left millions of homes in the past year.

Those who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask indefinitely. But at least it’s a step in the right direction. But as people responded favorably to the updated travel advice, the CDC decided to step back in and threw cold water at their own pace:

In summary: the new increase in patients is considered “Impending doom,” however, Americans who are vaccinated with higher vaccines cannot lead to the spread of the disease unless it may arise. Will travel safely But should not travel As there is an increase in the number of patients, even if they are not sick from COVID and rarely spread. Does it make sense? Allah Pandit tries to form circles after mixed messages. But the point is, US health officials are doing horrors with a parade of particularly hesitant and controversial rhetoric. There are exceptions to the rule, and nothing is certain or 100 percent foolproof. Most Americans are mature enough to understand that. But for the official declaration that it is constantly scientifically lagging, then hurriedly caught up, only to pull the carpet from underneath the optimistic person walking behind is to harm the underlying cause of it. Immunize as many vaccines as possible. The message is clear, concise, accurate, unduly. “Those who are fully vaccinated can go back to their normal lives because the vaccines are doing remarkably well.” Based on that score, I’ll leave you a new Google ad (I saw it during the Gonzaga / UCLA Final Four game last day. Sat.) that compiles and illustrates the very essence of that hopeful reality, Dr. Walensky should note:

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