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The new mask recommendations are confusing for some Washington businesses.

Whether masking clients is in the hands of business owners versus states, and many people manage the new approach differently.

OLYMPIA, Wash – A shift in mask recommendations from health and government officials has put Olympia hair salon owner Jamie Lee in a tough spot.

“I like it better when I don’t have to be a bad guy,” said Lee, who has cut hair at Jamie Lee & Company for over 20 years.

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said those who had received their vaccinations no longer needed to wear masks in public or in business.

It is up to each business owner, Inslee said, whether they want to mask all of their customers.

Lee said that at the moment she was working on it. Wanted clients and her staff to wear masks when in her beauty salon.


7;s confusing,” Lee said. “I like it better when things are black and white.”

Inslee said Thursday that business owners can decide how to enforce the use of masks for people who have been vaccinated.

Nicole Andres, owner of Nicole’s Bar in Olympia, said she doesn’t want customers to wear masks if they say they have been fully vaccinated.

She doesn’t want her employees to ask customers for proof of vaccination.

According to the Washington Hospitality Association, business owners can choose to have fully vaccinated employees and clients not wear masks.

Chris Knudson, owner of 80 breweries, said he would not change the rules at least until July, when Inslee said the state expected to remove all COVID-related restrictions on the business.

“I wasn’t interested in hiring a liar to stand at the door to check the vaccine card,” Knudson said.

He said he was prepared for customers who would be dissatisfied having to wear a mask, even if the state did not want it.

“If they don’t want it, that’s fine. We can make their food, ”Knudson said.

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