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The next wave of COVID is imminent: another Trump-caused massacre?

J.R.R. Tolkien writes, “The burnt hand is best taught. After all, the advice of fire enters the heart.” It’s a painful truth that people in the Red State and the Red Counties in the state. blue and purple are learning

Donald Trump’s final massacre has arrived.

As millions of well-informed Fox “News” hosts continue to sow doubts about masks and coronavirus vaccines, to add to the billions the channel brings to the family of Meers. Carddog every year The CEO of a Missouri hospital chain begged them to tell the truth.

“The delta variable is in the Ozark.” Tweet Steve Edwards, CEO of Cox Health Hospital Group In Missouri, “We were interviewed by NPR, CBS News, MSNBC, AP, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, NYTimes, but not @FoxNews.”


This is a crisis for Missouri right now. due to covid-19 virus The delta species are not only far more invasive than the previous species. But it’s also life-threatening. As Heather Hollingsworth writes for AP notesVaccination rates in the state are very low. One county clocks in at 13%, and most counties are “very short at 40%”.

People in Red Counties across America are reporting on social media the same thing Louis and I saw when we visited a rural Oregon town this past weekend: Nobody wears it. Mask or practice social distancing. They believe the right-wing media lied about COVID. “It’s like the flu” or “Vaccines are experiments” or “It’s all a Democratic hoax.” They’re following Trump’s idea that masks make men look “weak.”

As a result, Eric Frederick, chief executive officer of Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, told the AP that they were “inundated with COVID-19 cases as the variant first identified in India spread through a largely missed community. Vaccine” .”

And not just hit the elderly. “These patients are younger,” Hollingsworth writes, “than before in the pandemic — 60% to 65% of ICU patients over the weekend at Mercy were under 40, according to Frederick, who noted that ‘these patients were younger,’ Hollingsworth wrote. Younger ones are much less likely. vaccinated—and some are pregnant.”

When the coronavirus first appeared in the United States in January of last year. President Donald Trump at the time quietly told reporter Bob Woodward. that the virus is deadly and floats in the air

“This is definitely a dead item.” Trump told Woodward on February 7, 2020.“You just take a breath of air and that’s how it goes. And that’s very tricky. That’s a very delicate thing. It is still more deadly than even your stubborn flu.”

Of course, that’s not what Trump and his followers tell the American people. Because they caused the deaths of more than 600,000 Americans, and there will be more this year. “I want to play it all,” Trump told Woodward a month later. “I still like playing with it…”

It was a mantra that Trump carried throughout his last week at work when he secretly brought himself and his wife to the White House for vaccinations. and from research Published by the Brookings Institution., killing at least 400,000 Americans (and sickening millions more) that Infection can be avoided. If they were to listen to the doctors on behalf of the Republican Party and the right-wing media.

But there is one way of killing Trump madly. He knows how well every politician who has ever run for president or studied the history of presidential elections knows: when the economy is in decline before the election. The incumbent always loses.

Just ask Herbert Hoover; It’s more than 20 years after Hoover’s defeat. Until Republican Dwight Eisenhower took over the White House and 60 years after the Republican Great Depression. Before Republicans were able to control the House of Representatives for longer than a single round of Congress.

Trump’s strategy for keeping the economy running is straightforward: Letting people shop, work, and play for our production and consumption will keep the economy going throughout the election year. How many people die? especially if a black person

After surrendering to his science advisor for a few weeks in March and early April, He went back to watch the virus and discouraged people from wearing masks.

The reversal came Indeed, the week after April 7, 2020, when the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and Fox all brought their news with the news that blacks were disproportionately dying from coronavirus compared to whites.

Suddenly, the right-wing media lost their minds. We have to spread the virus far and wide to make it happen. “Flock immunity,” a move Trump and his men think would spare most of the red-state whites. But it will destroy the black community and the blue state. As I recorded here.

The virus definitely defeated Trump. Joe Biden is now president and Democrats take control of the House and Senate. But echoes of murderous political tactics continue to kill Americans.

and with delta variableswhich kills people who are not vaccinated all Older age, but rarely causes illness in people who have completed the vaccine. COVID is about to put Trump’s followers in a world of pain.

As CEO of Cox Health Edwards pleaded in his tweet.: “Fox is the most popular cable news in our area. You can educate Delta, vaccines and save lives. @TuckerCarlson”

while the red states tend to ignore the threat bThe rumored state is doing everything to prepare to For a delta variable attack: new york And California is issuing digital vaccination certificates that people can show on their smartphones to enter restaurants and sport or entertainment events.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who knows where the political winds are blowing by my colleagues on right-wing talk radio and Fox. try my best to say not a passport.

“I want to make this crystal clear before others run with it.” Newsom told the press.. “It became very political. Almost everything in a state, a nation — that has no mandate. No requirements, no passport with respect.”

But the vaccine passport is what will help us.Especially since the delta variable has already created its own new model. Delta Plus that is “Easier to transmit Easier to bind to human cells and may be more resistant to antibody therapy”, even the lethal delta variant.

this is the reason More than half of Americans surveyed want vaccine passport nowLike many business owners When it’s impossible to know if the person sitting next to you on a plane or in a restaurant has been vaccinated or trump-humpered. Trust in Jesus or Hydroxychloroquine Many people are still reluctant to eat out, relax, or go shopping the way we do. before the epidemic

Which is hurting Joe Biden’s economy right now – which is what Republicans want. But they are playing with fire.

Especially considering how dangerous the delta variable is.and how often it can generate As NBC’s Boston Channel 10 TV, NBC affiliate of Boston Channel 10 TV noted in its latest headlines. because of the delta variable”The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been reported that has penetrated nearly 4,000 cases now(That’s a drop in a bucket, and most of them aren’t very sick, but still.)

The original and early strains of the COVID virus require repeated or continuous exposure to become infected. Apparently, the new Delta Plus variant can be caught by simply walking through an infected person. A single case in an airport limo driver in Australia shows how it works. The Washington Post report:

Video shows a limo driver infecting strangers in shopping malls and coffee shops through brief contact. Which scientists say prove it’s possible to infect the virus simply by sharing the same airspace with an infected person.

post an article Added that the cluster started with a single driver and since then “Growed to 36 cases”

BBC reports that This week:

India’s Ministry of Health said the study found so-called Delta Plus Variables — also known as AY.1 — spread more easily. binds to lung cells more easily and may be resistant to monoclonal antibody therapy. which is a potent intravenous injection of antibodies against the virus.

And Delta and Delta Plus are only June varieties. There are almost certain epidemic and lethal strains as evolution continues to work its magic on viruses.

In the next few months hope to be It’s a “big awakening” in America compared to the political lies that Trump, Fox and the right-wing media have spread for more than a year about the dangers of COVID-19. And that will lead to a new wave of masking and vaccination.

If not, it will be a “big death” for Trump followers and Fox viewers.

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